Saturday, March 12, 2016


Hey guys, I bet by now all of Indonesia has already familiar with Olivier, thanks to the super sensational murder by poison case a while ago... Well, apart from the overnight sensation, Olivier has become one of my new favorite place to eat in 2015. Yes people, it's damn good!

Being a member of the same group with Loewy and Union, they share similar vibe. The vintage decor, the neat servers (and the rudeness too) and the upscale-ish ambiance which attracts Jakarta's trendiest to come running. With the concepts of serving an asian/france fusion casual fine dining, Olivier has a balance offering on both asian food and french food. Personally, I don't have high hopes in a place that serves fusion dish, let alone a restaurant that serves two types of dishes distinctively. Well, I was proven wrong.

Complimentary bread

Crispy crust, warm bread and such delightful spicy butter. Perfect 

Roast Chicken with Ratatouille and Mashed Potato (125K IDR)

Hands down the best mashed potato ever! Silky smooth, creamy and buttery. Oh so so so damn good! Chicken is quite big, flavorful and juicy. Served on top oh some sort of juz? Another spot on cooking I might say... The chicken was fragrant, tender and I can really taste a combination of herbs from the chicken, nice..

 Dory Meuniere A La Grenobloise, Sauteed French Beans and Cherry Tomatoes (130K IDR)

This dish is good but missing the oomph factor. Everything was spot on somehow forgetable. Maybe it's lacking seasoning?
Chicken Wings with Spicy Marinade (70K IDR)

Another nicely executed dish but lacking the oomph factor. Sure the chicken was crispy and the dips was good but I feel the dish lost the connection to the dips, resulting in a nice and crispy wings but lack in flavor.

After this visit, I came back to Oliver a couple of months ago. I tried the pork belly/pork knuckle for sharing and it was so good! Yummmmm The pork was super tender, skin falling of the meat like cray cray

Recommended place to grab a hearty meal and s chic place to hang out with your dearest. Price is a bit pricey but worth every penny. See you in another time patients

Rating: 8.5/10
Location: Grand Indonesia West Mall GF

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