Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Duel (Koiki VS Ten Ten)

Today.... We're gonna have another duel!!!!!!!!!!! The theme is.. Japanese food!

First contender.. KOIKI

Koiki is a small japanese restaurant at the basement of Plaza Indonesia. Having soba as their specialty, this restaurant is never packed. (maybe because of the high price and the not-so-strategic location) Decor is simple and nice although they could try to make it feel more japanese :)

The food:
1. Bento 3 Beef (Rp. 59.000)

Please know that I visited this place back in Oct 2011 so I forgot about the detail of the food :( The bento is nice with enough portion to feed two girls (or in my case, making me full *wink*) The beef was tender and the salmon was fresh. Taste wise, improvement is needed to make it stand out among the other japanese place around Plaza Indonesia.

2. Koiki Spicy Soba (Rp. 75.000)

With expensive price, comes great expectation. Simply said, Koiki didn't meet my expectation. Standard soba quality with forgetable broth.

Rating: 6.5/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia, LB

Second Contender... TEN TEN

Ten Ten is a member of Boga Group, a group of restaurants which consists of Sushi Tei, Pepper Lunch, Rakuzen, etc. Simple and casual place with light colored wooden decor and warm lighting, this place can be quite inviting.

The food:
1. Gyoza (Rp. 18.182)

Standard issue fried gyoza. Too crispy for my liking, didn't like it that much.

2. Kakiage Ebi Don (Rp. 59.091)

Don is a rice bowl. Kakiage is a fried tempura with vegetables filling. IMO, it looks just the same as "bakwan sayur or bala bala" in Indonesia cuisine. Loved the kakiage but not the ebi tempura.

Ten Ten offers wide varieties of tempura but the shallowness of the menu just destroyed my appetite. The sauce tastes weird... The concept is well thought but executed poorly.

Location: Plaza Indonesia, LB
Rating: 6/10

The winner is.... Koiki!!!!!!

Well for me, I don't like both. But Koiki is the better loser :)


  1. i never eat both of them but Bento 3 Beef just very tempting :p right dr.?? Hihi

  2. Ahaha...both losers. But Ten Ten is cheaper, no?

  3. That's such a pity... I always go for Ten Ten because of its portion and cheaper price. It seems that you ate Ten Ten before it changes its menu (judging from the picture of the menu book). Now they have more varieties. Their tempura curry ramen is my all time favourite! maybe you should try revisiting :)

  4. @anonymous : yeah, I think it's in 2011, since I don't really like the food, the pictures are just hanging in my computer. Is it better now?

    @ellyna : yes, it's quite cheap, esp. for Plaza Indonesia standard

    @lovebbi : looks yummy isn't it?

  5. Yeap. Much better! They have more selections now.

    If you wanna go for something that's worth the price, maybe you should go for their combo menu.

    I like their beef yakiniku combo set. You get beef yakiniku, tempura (prawn, string bean and shitake), rice, miso soup and salad. The price is around 50k. And oh! you can choose whether you want the tempura to be spicy, original or blackpepper. (my fave is their blackpepper) :P