Sunday, August 05, 2012

Downtown Bistro

Fresh from the oven... Downtown Bistro!!!!

As usual, Jakarta never runs out of new hip and trendy hang out spot. Meet Downtown Bistro. One of the must try spot for all food enthusiasts, social climbers, alcoholics and gossipers like us :)Went there for my birthday dinner with my besties and had a really really really good time.

Located in Jakarta downtown area, Downtown Bistro offers a cool yet comfy place to blow some steam for all the eksmud in Sudirman Area. The classic library decor with huge old sofa and the old looking books make it more library-ish. The smoking area is exceptionally comfy and invites you to blow some smoke with colleagues and friends.

The food:
1. Purple Pig (Rp. 74.000)

Slow cooked pork belly with some berry sauce (guessing cranberry) with mashed chickpeas and sauteed vegetables. The peas and veggie is ok, nothing special there except the mini portion. The pork is yummy but smells weird in the layer of fat, a part where all the goodness is. The sauce, heavenly :) Pork and berries are a match made in heaven.

2. Mother Vessel (Rp. 57.000)

It's basically fish and chips with pretty plating. The dory is kinda undercooked. Too flaky.... I dunno what went wrong but something is off with this dish. The batter is great, love it. The herbs and dips for the fish is also good but when I ate the fish, the herbs didn't help the fish to shine. Is it the fish? Or the cooking technique? Well for sure, not gonna order that one again. Pudel Perek can't finish this dish.. Too bad huh

3. BBQ Pork Ribs (Rp. 139.000)

A big pork ribs with some bbq honey sauce. Sauce is excellent and the meat is basted wonderfully. Has that burnt taste that makes it very rustic and the meat is tender. Just pull it with a fork and there you are, yummy pork :)

4. The George Sandwich (Rp. 63.000)

5. Country Chicken (Rp. 63.000)

I didn't try the last two dishes, Ratu Iblis and Ciwalit finished them so fast I couldn't get a bite grrrrrr

Well, the food aren't disappointing and more affordable than it's competitor (Otel Lobby, Bluegrass, Skye, etc)  The place is nice and not too crowded. The thing to do is make the portion bigger!!! Geez... The portion is so small, none of us said "I'm full" at the end of dinner. Service tax is 10%!!!!!! Thank God their service is excellent, otherwise I'll go Rambo

 Pudel Perek - dr. B - Asmet - Ciwalit - Ratu Iblis

Rating: 7/10
Location: Landmark Building, Jakarta


  1. Gw hampir mau berubah haluan ke Downtown barusan setelah kecewa melihat Loewy, Bluegrass & Otel Lobby tutup hari ini!!! I sould've gone there instead, mungkin bisa ketemu tadi =P

  2. I've been meaning to go here but never had the chance..kapan2 coba ah.. btw, u have a very interesting way in giving nicknames to ur friends.. lol.. pudel perek.. nice.. ahahahahaha

  3. @ellyna: too bad :(

    @elvina: yeahhh hahaha there's a story behind every nickname :)