Thursday, April 03, 2014


A little break from my Hongkong post, now I'm gonna post a review about Mangia, a chic and hip restaurant that has caught my attention from maybe a year ago but never got the time to try.

Mangia has opened a new outlet in Grand Indonesia. Apparently, Grand Indonesia has done an impressive job creating a trendy dining place in its 5th floor. Can't wait to try 'em all :)

Anyway... Let's talk about Mangia. I notice that Mangia is a fusion restaurant. Judging from the artsy design, a place that serve "beautiful foo", the perfect place for makan makan cantik :p The decor is their Grand Indonesia outlet is a bit strange... The dominant grey walls combined with the pretty artsy stag head on the wall and flowers? It's confusing... And IMO the place is a bit too dark (and not to mention HOT)

The food:
1. Creamy Baked Potato (39.000 IDR)

YUMMY!!! This is not your ordinary baked potato... First, the potato is mashed but still has small chunks in it, mixed with cream and herbs and then baked with cheese. Presented on a bed of cream spinach and slices of bacon.. Heaven.. Potato, GREAT! Good consistency, creamy and fragrant, nice one Mangia. The spinach needs a bit of cooking, if only it is a wee bit softer, it would have been perfect.

2. Nasi Jeruk Sambal Dori (44.000 IDR)
This is supposed to be the recommended menu of Mangia. A signature dish of Mangia, consisting of fried rice with orange leaf and pan fried dori with sambal matah. Okay... Despite of the praise from people, I find this dish.. Meh...

An attempt to create a signature dish, a fusion dish gone wrong. Firstly, the rice... It is TOO DRY. I almost choked eating the rice... The orange leaf is too much. Seriously... The texture is BAD. Dry rice with leaves.. What could be worse? I get that they want to serve a herby, modern indonesian fusion dish but IMO not executed well enough. The dory with sambal matah is good, dory is cooked perfectly and goes very well with the spicy yet not lethal sambal matah.

Overall, I think the place is good, a little fix is needed here and there but with the affordable price, the cute ambiance and the unique menu, they will survive.

Location: Grand Indonesia 5F
Rating: 7/10


  1. akhirnya nemu juga orang yg sama pendapatnya ama gue, bahwa nasi dori ini nggak enak. Tapi bingung ama orang2 yg nyembah2 banget makanan ini...