Friday, May 01, 2015


Happy May Day everyone! To celebrate the start of May, I'll present you... Benedict

Benedict is one of the new hip spot in Jakarta. Location? None other than Grand Indonesia. This place has become to hub of everything classy, luxurious and hip. I find myself amused with all the eateries in this area.. All of them are so hip and current, tastes real good (and yeah quite expensive) and easy to find.

Benedict is a member of Union group, a restaurant group that never fails. Unlike their competitors such is Ismaya or Boga, Union group is more consistent in creating amazing restaurants. Their joints are not only trendy, decorated nicely but also yummy! Benedict's main ammo is their breakfast food. There are not many places for brunch in Jakarta. Some of them are coffee places that also serves brunch menu. Benedict is the opposite, they specialize in serving breakfast menus and also good coffee.

 Florentine Egg Benedict (Rp. 85.000)

Egg Benedict with cured salmon, dill, baby spinach and tobikko. Yummylicious! The oozing egg yolk combined with lovely texture of the salmon, the buttery hollandaise sauce and the salty crunchy texture of the tobikko is a perfect harmony.


Good cofffee by Toby Estate
 Vanilla ice cream with maple syrup and bacon

Seriously! What could be more fun than trying this menu. I don't think its great but having this ice cream is why I love eating #gluttonyalert. It's that new sensation at the tip of your tongue that makes me ecstatic
 Scotch Eggs (Rp. 35.000)

Boiled egg wrapped inside minced chicken, served with bonito flakes and mayo. Another new addiction. Oh damn I love this egg!

Benedict is a recommended place for you guys to go brunch or just having a chit chat in Grand Indonesia. My only concern is the small portion, doesn't fit the male clientele. I'm a fat guy big appetite, so.... maybe... It's me not the portion :(

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Grand Indonesia East Mall, 1F

Anyway guys, check out my instagram @doc_babi for live updates on my food addiction

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