Friday, May 15, 2015

Gluttony Alert : Muara Karang

Holaaaaaa patients :) How u doin baby? Since I'm not really in the mood for transferring pics from my phone, I'll post some of the foodpic stocks in my computer. This is a brand new series of post. The "Gluttony Alert" series. If the "Lost in ....." series tells you about my travelling stories, the "Gluttony Alert" series will focus on all the yummies in a certain area.

Dr B's Journal has been my personal space for 8 years. I've wrote so many things in this blog, not only food reviews. I don't have much spare time like when I was in college so the number of post is very limited but I tried to make it as "me" as possible :)

So.. for the first post of Gluttony Alert, say hello to Muara Karang.

Why? Because it's my backyard :) And.. It's on my top list of places with good food hehe... Meet the yummies of Muara Karang

Bihun Kepala Ikan (Vermicelli with fish head soup)

Located in Pasar Muara Karang, this is a very crowded breakfast spot. Turn left at the Toyota Dealership from Muara Karang main street. U'll find this spot at the right side, in a food court in front of Aroma Seafood. I don't really like this dish since it's a bit too sour for my taste. In fact, the only memorable thing of this dish is the sourness.

Kuo Tie

This is a kuo tie (jiao zi) or gyoza from a small stall run by a chinese lady. The lady can only speak a little Bahasa Indonesia, so I guess it's pretty safe when I declare it authentic chinese dumplings. The skin is too think, minimal filling and too much greens. I like my kuo tie meaty and juicy --"

Another dish from the food court in Pasar Muara Karang. Mamak style (belacan) fried noodle. Yes. it resembles Malaysian cuisines yet the enci enci (chinese lady) doesn't announce it as Malaysian food. It's a dish from Medan that resembles Malaysian cuisines. I kinda like this noodle... Taste is bold, I can feel the heat and the savouryness of the noodle, seafood is fresh and portion is perfect for breakfast.

Sek Ba by Kuo Tie Shantung

There's a kuo tie place called Kuo Tie Shantung in Muara Karang. Opens around 9 P.M. in front of A&W Muara Karang. LOVE THE PORK INNARDS!!! The sweet and herby black sauce surprisingly goes well with rice. Order the tongue and tofu, those are my favorites.

Kuo Tie by Koe Tie Shantung

Kuo Tie is pan fried chinese dumplings. The characteristic of a kuo tie is the fried crispy part at the base of the dumpling and moist chewy part at the top of the dumplings. The deep fried ones are just fakes :p Kuo Tie Shantung serves on of the best kuo tie in Jakarta, recommended.

Rainbow Sandwich by Eng's

A very popular restaurant amongts enci enci and abege, serving affordable dishes all day long. The sandwich tastes really good! Toast is crispy, the dressing is enough to moist the dry sandwich but not too soggy. I think it only costs me around 18K :)

Steamed Chicken Rice with Free Range Chicken Egg by Nasi Tim Pasar Pagi

LEGENDARY!!!!! Some said (and I said) it's the best nasi tim (steamed rice) ever. Period. The fragrant rice, creamy and soft. It's like ur tummy is being awakened by the warm southern wind.... Oh so good! Tips: put some fish sauce into the hot steamed rice, adds another layer of goodness into the dish.

Stir Fried Pig Kidney with Onions and Celery by Chef Achun

This is one of Chef Achun's signature dish and one of my fave food ever. Pig kidney is a delicate ingredient that requires a certain way of containing and cooking to make it tastes delicious. The kidney has to be fresh, cleaned properly and eaten right after it is cooked. You have to be careful not to overcook the kidney or it'll get hard and a bit bitter. When it is cooked properly. the texture would be slightly chewy, creamy and melts in your mouth. Oh... blissful...

So, how about it patients? Come and visit Muara Karang to get your hungry belly entertained, satisfaction guaranteed. Give me a holler on my instagram @doc_babi I'll be glad to answer all your question :) See yaaaa


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    Jadi pengen makan kuo tie habis liat ini, haha.

  2. @pitshu: iya nihhhh suka lupa nyatet harga sekarang hehehe tp rata2 less than 50K

    @Ron: kuo tie mank enak yaaa :)