Thursday, June 26, 2008

After Sex and The City

Gee... Finally i watched that damn movie everybody's talking about...

I don't think its that good, if u watch the series, its just watching 5/6 episodes continuously. Really, i didn't feel like watching a movie at all. Anyway... I really like the movie. The idea is fresh and current, lots of labels ( i wonder how Carrie affords those things with her writing job) and it really hits me, will i ever find love (halah halah.....)

Although the movie didn't inspire me to write a blog for 4 hours, i think there were some deep impacts to me.

First, i believe there IS love for everyone. Then again... Not everyone FIND love. Yeah those girls got lucky, me? Hmm....

Second, i'll quote something from the walls of SenCi. "Those who said money can't buy happines simply don't know how to shop" Those labels, A list restaurants, 5 star resorts, parties... When God? When?!!!

Last, LETS GO TO NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the movie, I asked Ratu Iblis and Pudel Perek.

Dr. B : So labels or love?

Ratu Iblis : Labels donk B...

Pudel Perek : Manolo and Louis is all i'm thinking off

Dr. B: Tsk Tsk..... (Dalam hati) Naive......
I choose love!! Love that can get me labels of course...


  1. kenapa harus memilih klo we can get both... labels and love or love and labels, yah whatever..
    anyway, even if i have to choose..
    i vote for love,.....and labels..hmm..i consider as 'bonus'. J

  2. love that can get me labels, tuei!

  3. haduh2 manusia jaman sekarang.....

  4. kalo kata mbak fergie ya bi : im lookin 4 labels ain't looking for love..

  5. and klo kata mbak jo : pilih mana bi, cowo super cakep n oke tapi naek taksi ato cowo pas2an tapi naek x5...hahahaha..talking bout love..