Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The latest food joint in Muara Karang. It's a japanese five food resto (kaki lima) in front of AW Muara Karang. I don't think opening a japanese kaki lima at Muara Karang is a good idea (the last 2 kaki limas closed after about 6 months...) tapi ya sudah la.... namanya juga usaha..

1. Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (Rp. 29.000)
The curry sauce is actually quite yummy (please remember that this is a kaki lima) and the chicken katsu is hot and crispy.

2. Beef Yakiniku Set (Rp. 28.000)
The beef yakiniku uses has dalam meat chunks (i assume that's tenderloin in English). Yeah.... kinda odd but the taste is yummy. Enough meat to feed two people (pudel's capacity of course) and the miso soup is yummy although it's a little bit salty

3. Beef Teriyaki Set (Rp. 28.000)
The meat is not in chunks but more like steak like... The meat is deep fried first and then drenched in teriyaki sauce. The yakiniku tastes better but this one is also not bad.

4. Kairaku (Rp. 28.000)
It's a fushion sushi roll consists of salmon, cheese, crab meat and cucumber. WEIRD!!! It's a fried roll (never like it....)

Overall, it's too pricey!!!!!!! If the price is Rp. 5000 cheaper, maybe i'll come back more often... (No more sushi please....)

Rating 6 out of 10
Location: The A&W crossroad, next to UOB Buana

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