Monday, February 16, 2009

Bride Wars

Hehe gw lagi mood bikin review film nih, jadi walopun uda lama nonton nya, baru gw bikin sekarang review nya

Standard chick flick!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God.... I love romantic comedy, chick flick... Hmm Sex and The City or Devil Wears Prada is quite good but this one.... Kate Hudson needs to find better scripts or she will go down, soon....

A story about how two best friends end up fighting just because they have the same wedding date. I know for girls, getting married is HUGE. Everything has to be perfect en bla bla bla. I get it.... But this movie... Wel...

This movie just takes exxagerating into another level!!!! I mean come on.... Is it really necessary to tackle ur enemy when she is walking down the aisle? How about making ur enemy's hair blue? I don't think those things exist (at least here in Indonesia)

Another weird part after Anne Hathaway decided not to get married to his BF (whom she dated since college), she instantly get married a year later with Hudson's lil bro and then she got pregnant!!!!

Anyway..... Not recommended for guys! It's simply illogical and GA PENTING!!!!!!

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