Sunday, February 08, 2009

Laporan Malam Minggu

After taking a break from night activity, I went clubbing.... YAY!!!!! 2 consecutive nights :p

We went for dinner at Indochine first... nice place... very very cozy and the music is actually good. We should go there more often!! Next is X2...

Hmm... Equinox was very disappointing.... It was some international female DJ that played india-infused track nonstop!!!!!! God.... I believe Ratu Iblis performed some Bollywood Style dancing technique :p

X2 on the other hand, was quite good. Nothing new, just the usual anthems but at least it's better than Equinox (as always.... :D) There was a buy1get1 promo for drinks in X2 and Equinox, too bad there wasn't anyone to drink with me... Pudel Perek is too afraid she'll go overly wild hahahaha

I waited for Ratu Lebah for hours.... Thank God there's free wi-fi and my e63 (teuteub stega promo hahahaha)

Next was Blowfish. We went in late and I had 1 drink only... Not that entertaining....

Conclusion: Do not go clubbing unless u plan on getting drunk.... alcohol/wallet controlled clubbing is no fun :(


  1. Bollywood Style dancing technique-->kan terinspirasi dari gerakan lu juga dut..

  2. Conclusion elo maksudnya: "duit gue itu sebenernya banyak, makanya gue kalo clubbing tuh pasti minum sampai mabuk, soalnya wallet gue gak dikontrol pun teuteub hebring"