Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I went to this resto last Sunday with Ciwalit, Ratu Iblis en Pudel Perek... The occasion is Ratu Iblis' B'day dinner.... --> yang uda telat 2 minggu (biasa de... Ratu Iblis kalo ga ngaret ga afdol :p)

Anyway.... The inspiration came from a friend of mine (u guys know who she is.... hihi) Ratu Iblis can't stand losing to her so we HAD to hav dinner here (one of J Town's best resto)

Let's get to the point... According to that friend of mine, this place is romantic and serves a really nice food, she rated it 8/10... I think... CRAP!! Very limited seating capacities (too limited i think), below standard service (it took them 10 minutes to get me a fucking lighter) and cheesy decor --> they really need to change the stupid plastic flower....

The food
1. Lobster Thermidore (Rp. 120.750)
The best dish of the night.... VERY VERY SMALL portion of butter rice (thank God it's good) and 1 (yeah.... one....) small lobster with cream sauce. YUMMY!!!! The sauteed vegetables need some major improvement

2. Mushroom Soup (Rp. 45.000)
Too soupy, I prefer it thick. A bit sour... I don't like it but Pudel Perek thought it was good.... FYI, I'm a mushroom soup lover, this one is not on my top ten list

3. Helen's Steak Frittes (Rp. 121.000)
I ordered medium well for Pudel Perek and this must be the dryest medium well ever!! It's thin, definitely not juicy and simply standard. Btw, the sweet potato is awesome ;)

4. Poulet Roquefort (Rp. 97.750)
This is the worst..... Breaded Chicken with Blue Cheese.... I LOVE cheese but blue cheese on a chicken? The smell itself destroyed my appetite....

5. Poultry Chicken Rollade (Rp. 92.000)
Hmm this one is quite good.... After all, fried chicken with gravy, what could go wrong

I bought 4 cakes for Ratu Iblis, Each and every single of them is just standard... The blueberry cheesecake is just disappointing. This is actually the first time I had a sponge cake layered cheesecake. If I were in a cheap resto, it's ok.. But for a Rp. 18.000 ++ worth of cheesecake, YUCKS!

The Helen's Chocolate Cake is quite good but then again.... Nothing special

Thanks to Mandiri Card, we got a 50% discount... Otherwise, that would be the worst dinner in 2009

Location: Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 63B

Rating 7.3/10


  1. Hati-hati, Bi.
    Defamation of character. Bisa dituntut loe nanti, udah mencemarkan nama baik seseorang :-P

  2. Reviewnya sadis banget euuyy.. :P
    Jarang lho ada cheese cake yg ga enak, kalo sampe ada yg demikian.. ya berarti emang parah ya :D

  3. Lobster Thermidor, Singapore Airlines has the best lobster thermidor so far! OMFG.....kill me with lobster goodness!

  4. mana kadonya nih bi?
    hmmm...LV ga nolak sih..

  5. omg bi, blum beli kado reni!!