Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gourmet Garage

Woohoooo!!!!!! Liburan = bebas dari depok food.....

Gourmet Garage is a chic resto @ Kemang area... Located in a warehouse-like building, the appearance from outside is not that interesting but the inside is awesome :) The ground floor is Ranch Market, The Restaurant is located on the second Floor. Consists of 2 restaurants, Hiro (Japanese) and Saba (Western) this place can accommodate all food enthusiasts :D

The food:
1. Garlic Baguette (Rp. 15.000)
Crusty yet soft baguette... Not too garlicky with cheddar cheese on top... yummy :)

2. Lychee Ice Tea (Rp. 19.500)

3. Rosemary Chicken (Rp. 78.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!! Very very tender grilled chicken... I've never had a grill chicken this tender, even at the breast part. The herbs blend perfectly resulting in a wonderful harmony with the bbq sauce. The sauteed potato with sliced onions make a perfect companion for the chicken. Excellent!

4. Gourmet Beef Lasagna (Rp. 70.000)
Small portion but yummy! Layers of lasagna and bechamel sauce + minced beef = yum yum yumminess :)

5. Crispy Chicken Tender (Rp. 45.000)
YUMMY!!! Deef fried boneless thigh with cornflakes. Served with seasoned fries and honey mustard. Damn... This is one yummy dish...

Very recommended!!!!

Rating 8.5/10
Location : Jl. Kemang Raya No. 66


  1. terakhir gue pergi gourmet garage masi under renovation gt.. mang ranch market nya da buka ya? makanannya sih enak, prefer to their western food than japanese one.. japanese nya pricey and nothing special...

  2. iya renovation nya masi tuh....

    ranch nya uda buka. kmaren sempet beli jus dsono hehehe isenk aja pas bis makan liad liad hehe

    kmaren gw pengen nyoba japanese nya, eh ga bisa coz lagi break katanya. gw mank dateng nya nanggung seh...