Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eagle Eye

The latest movie of Shia Lebouf. It's about how technology can ruin a civilization. Shia played as Ethan Shaw, a copy boy who is basically a useless. His twin brother in the other hand, a succesful marine. When his twin brother died, he suddenly accused of being a terorist. There's this woman voice that guided him and capable of doing everything.

The movie is actually not bad but the idea is simply not original.... A psycho A.I? I, Robot and Resident Evil has this kind of thing before. The beginning is good, lots of suspense and high voltage action but the rest is just predictable.

If u look for entertainment, this is the perfect movie but don't think it's gonna be as good as Transformer... Even Disturbia is better

Rating 7.3/10


  1. two horny bitches....

    tumben pudel ga ikut absen

  2. ehhh g ketinggalan!! shia kyaaaaaa!!! tu bioskp uda penuh dg iler g..haha