Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Truth Behind Tutoring Business

A few days ago, I got a phone call from another tuition center. The name is tuition center A en the lady who called is Ibu R. When she first called, she offered me a tutoring job there, in PIK to be precise. She said that she got my number from one of my student's parents. Dunno which one.... Now if u are in the business for some time, ur name and number starts to travel around, well this is not the first time I got an offer from another place but this is one is kinda frontal and inappropriate.

At first, she only offered me a job, i said i don't have the time unless it's 1 pm - 3pm (i know it's impossible, no children go home that early nowadays, just a polite rejection) She said she'd contact me again. Now i had 2 miscall since yesterday from Ibu R (one aorund 11 pm i guess, booty call? :p) so i know she's kinda desperate. When she called me the first time, she sweet talk-ed her tuition center. How many students she has now, how hers is better than HK tuition center (also in PIK around waterbom) and bla bla bla (yeah.... BBB)

I'm not interested at all. Why?
1. Even if I stayed in Galaksi, there's a huge possibility i'd only stay till March. I have to start my Ko-Ass and I don't think I can tutor there anymore (Goodbye my lovely paycheck....)

2. I kinda like it here in Galaksi.

3. It's closer to my house. If I have to go to PIK, she better offers me at least double.

4. I don't think I want a change in my career, this is definitely not going to be my career, it's just a temp job.... So as long as I get paid enough to support my needs, it's enough for me.

So I didn't call back. About an hour ago, she called me again..... She asked me to tutor there and I said I can't (again....) but then she kinda hijacked me.

Yeah, hijacked..... She told me to move there and bring my students to move there too. She promised me I will get a higher percentage and the tuition fee will be higher. Ckck... Then I told her about my study plan and the possibility I won't be tutoring anymore.

She told me not to find a job in the office and become a tutor instead! She told me how her Mandarin teacher got 15 mill from tutoring each month and bla bla bla

Is she that desperate? This is my first time encountering a process of hijacking. Kinda shocked.... If it's in the office, maybe it's normal. This is tutoring business.... Penting ya...........

Ps: She said the tuition fee will be higher, around 400 per pax, I got the same from Galaksi, why should I move there. Plus, at first, she only offers me 40%! Sorry, quality comes with price tante..... Maybe if she offers me at least 2.5 mill per month, I'll move there :p


  1. 2.5jt itu termasuk servis buat tante kan tiap malem Bi?

  2. Wahh.. pasti tutor berkualitas tinggi nih, sampe mau dibajak gitu.. :D