Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dimana-mana Makanan

Sumatran Chocolate Eclair @ Starbucks

Yummy!!! Eclairs with chocolate fla filling, topped with caramel sauce :)

Kue Sus Durian @ Ulliko (Rp. 5.000/pc)

Duren bangettttt, for durian lovers, a must try!

Baked Chicken and Cheese @ Uptown Grill

Hmm... A bit unusual for me. Usually, this kind of dish use fish, but they use chicken instead. The al-foil make the chicken baked but with broth. A bit watery... I can't taste the cheese thanks to the broth. Overall, a nice dish but not yummy.

Sushi from Kiyadon (forgot the name, sorry)

A roll with enoki mushroom inside, topped with fried ennoki, yellow and red bellpeppers, mayo and cheese. YUMMY!!!! Fresh, mushroom-y and and crunchy.

Standard issue tempura roll with spicy mayo and floss


  1. astaga naga makanan enak2 smua , meski ga doyan sushi tapi kliatan enak2 ..
    sus Uliko g doyan .. asikk apalagi dimakan dingin2 .

  2. iyaa!!! Dingin lebi enak, kalo ga dingin agak eneg gitu.

    wah loe ga doyan sushi ven?? yg fusion juga engga?

  3. hehehehe thanks for visiting putri

  4. , sedapnyeee..jdy laper nuph :-)