Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oenpao is a chinese fast food chain, mostly in center or south Jakarta. This place is a 'halal' chinese food I guess considering the target market in those areas are moslems.

The decor is pretty much standard. Minimal design with plastic tables and chairs and open kitchen with ducks and chickens hanging in front (which i think scary yet appetizing)

The food:
1. Nasi Goreng Bebek Panggang (Rp. 31.818)

SUCKS!!! The fried rice is bland, very very very unappetizing The duck, OMG... Chewy, smelly and tasteless. Btw, this dish is one of Oenpao's specialty...

2. Mini Pao (Rp. 4.545)

I tried the tuna and chicken charsiew, sucks.... no further comment

I dunno how this place become a huge success, I really really don't get it. I can get a better pao at some small alley in Pasar Muara Karang (a lot cheaper one)

Rating: 5.5/10
Location: Gedung Djakarta Theatre A3


  1. OenPao g perna coba yg di Pasmod BSD , wkt itu g mkn Mie & macaem2 Dimsum rasa boljug not bad lah sesuai ama harganya .
    kok yg lo poto nasgor bebek jadi warna kae gitu sih ? ha222 enggak banget deh !

  2. huahahah soalnya pake kamera bb doank, jelek bgt. gw edit malah jadi gitu ;p

  3. oenpao aslinya dari BSD.. soalnya sang owner tinggal di sana, hehehehe...

  4. owwwww baru tau hehehehe thanks for the info :)