Sunday, October 31, 2010

Miramar (repost)

Today i'm gonna make a quick and short post about Miramar. I've posted a review about this place a few months ago but since I took some pics while I had lunch there with my folks, I'll write the review 'bout the dishes there :)

The food:
1. Kuah Ikan Gurame dan Talas

Yummy!! Very fragrant soup with fried gurame and yam, topped with fried chopped garlic. Warm and comforting, the garlic pull the flavor of the fish broth and the yam soften it. a very satisfying dish :)

2. Gulai Cumi

4 small squid cooked gulai style. The gulai is smooth with a hint of sweetness. Yummy :) Love the soft squid combined with the sweet gulai...

3. Hotplate tahu special

Fried silk tofu on a hotplate with a thin omelette at based, covered with chicken and mushroom gravy. I like the tofu and the gravy. Both of them complement each other, producing a balanced and yummy taste. Too bad I didn't think thoroughly when I ordered the gulai above since the gulai destroyed the simple taste of the tofu.

Will be back here for more quality Indonesian/Medan food :)


  1. ini yg d muara karang bukan?

  2. hotplate tahunya yummy :),bukan postingan lo harus sesudah makan, ga boleh sebelum makan, kek makan obat hahaha

  3. @sara: iya bener di muara karang hehe

    @pitshu: wakakakaka yg enak tuh kuahnya, gw suka bgt

    @yudie: siapin lap iler bro hehe

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