Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grand Beppu Menkan


Sbenernya ni resto sama aja kaya Beppu Menkan yang biasa... cuma gara2 didecor ulang aja kayanya makanya dia ganti nama jadi Grand Beppu Menkan

The food
1. GyuYaki Spicy Ramen (Rp. 49.000)
Stir fry ramen with spice sliced beef and black mushroom. Oh my god... I had mie tek tek pingir jalan that tastes better than this! The ramen is sticky, the chili smells weird and the worst thing is the ramen and the beef don't mix...

2. Kare Raise (Rp. 45.000)
Standard issue instant curry plus rice. The chicken is so so.... Very very very forgetable

3. Oniyama Jigoku Ramen (Rp. 37.000)
The soup is blant, even Rp 6.000 instant korean noodle tastes better..... Ciwalit liked the chicken inside but i think it's not yummy at all

4. Beppu Ramen (Rp. 59.000)
This is supposed to be their favorite but this is only their standard ramen with a lot of toppings. The scallop is not fresh, the prawn is not appetizing and once again the soup... Oh my God... do something!!!!!!!!

One of my worst dining experience... Thank God I'm hungry and they have 50% promo by Mandiri

Rating: 4/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia Extension F5

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