Saturday, June 13, 2009

THT Husada

After 5 xtra boring weeks, I left Husada's ENT Department with a huge question mark on my forehead

Dr. B: Damn.... What the hell did I learn from the last 5 weeks?

But hey, think positive right.... At least now I know how to cure 'congekan'

At this rotation, met new friends....

First of all, Calvin a.k.a Vin-Ce.. Nice guy :) Don't miss me Vin-Ce, we'll meet at that God forsaken place called SW...

Then, Ukrida Group 1... Pywe, Liansi, Grant and Handi. It was a pleasure meeting you guys, thanks for all the help :)

There were also Ukrida Group 2.... Paulus, Agnes, Marisa and Iis... Good luck guys :) gonna miss u all hehe....

As I said earlier, this rotation was kinda boring. There's not a single interesting event or patient. My menu everyday was crying infants, deaf elderly or some gigantic serumen (tai kuping). BORING!!!!!!

Last but not least, Thanks to Dr. Ar, Dr. Yus, Dr. Erna and Bu Nur :)

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