Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pizza e Birra

Dinner this week @ EX with my closest and dearest (iuhh..... Ratu Iblis, Pudel Perek en Ciwalit maksud gw...)

Pizza e Birra, hasil terbaru dari Ismaya Group... As always, memuaskan!! Stela sukses dengan Pasta de Waraku en Social House, mereka ngebikin ini di PI Extension...

Tempatnya keren banget, suasananya enak en cozy (surprising coz biasa nya gw mengasosiasikan cozy dengan sofa super empuk) Hmm they should do something about the music seh, pick a genre.... Jangan campur campur ga jelas. Sayang seating capacity nya rada minim but I really like the bar/waiting area at the front... Nice...

The Food
1. Bond Pizza (Rp. 49.000)
YUMMY!!!!!!! Chicken ham and turkey ham covered in mozzarela with nachos and friends (guacamole and sour cream) I gotta say.... It's been a long time since I had a pizza this good and unique. The texture of the pizza is just right, the appropriate thickness and size. Nice....

2. Momma's Boy Pizza (Rp. 49.000)
This one is also unique.... Fried Calamari on top of some vegetables (arugula maybe?) It's good..... :)

3. New York Cheese Cake Pizza (Rp. 25.000)
YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pizza, love it.... Cheese cake, to die for... Combined? U do the math

4. Penne Carbonara with Sausage (Rp. 50.000)
Well I gotta say, the pasta section needs some improvement... The carbonara is just average. Any western resto can make this kind of pasta...

5. Penne Mushroom with Spicy Turkish Meatball (Rp. 44.000)
Hmm.... Weird sauce but yummy meatballs!

Recommended for pizza lovers.... Stick to the pizza and not the pasta :)

Rating: 7.8/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia Extension

ps: duhhhh i hate nokia's camera.... miss my ericsson... damn..


  1. itu porsi nya buat personal yah ? kae nya kecil tuh ! sometime kalo g visit EX PI yah g cobain deh !

    ehh g dah balik lagi ke Honeymoon maren , dah cobain Durian Pancake as you recomend , ha22 enakkk deh , cuman g mikirnya beneran pancake(crepes) taunya lbh mirip kue moaci yg isinya durian hua222 tapi beneran enak . thx for rekomen .