Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dimana-mana Makanan

Kombo Super Deal, 1 ayam diganti dengan honey chicken (+ Rp. 1.000), 2 perkedel (Rp. 5.000) total Rp. 36.000

YUMMYLICIOUS!!! No matter how fed up I am with junk food, KFC never fails :)

Sate babi 138. The sweet satay is too sweet and the meat is a bit chewy. Good but a lot of other pork satay places can do better.

Coccilioni with Bolognese Sauce and Chicken Sausage ala dr. B

Fried Mushroom by Uptown Grill.

Yummy :) Crispy in the outside, a bit mushy in the inside. Dip in the mayo/thousand island and get a extra kick hehe

Serabi Bandung in front of Cabe Ulek, PIK


  1. KFC ngeluarin varian baru, bi?

    Sayang blackpepper udah ga ada... Padahal gw suka banget :(

  2. Mmm I love mushroom, uptown grill dimana ya?

  3. "astaga" !! g lg laper lagi
    idem kata lo kentucky ga ada matee nya .

  4. @ lolo: itu di uptown grill, ada di muara karang en central park :)

  5. astaga! bagian serabinya bikin gw ngilerrrrr!

  6. Damn... Honey chicken-nya KFC ga berasa gitu madunya. Yang berasa cuma pedes... pedes... dan pedessssss