Wednesday, April 08, 2009


It's Ibu Duit's B'day dinner :)

Hema is a dutch resto, a very affordable one i might add.....

Hmm i dun think it's yummy or anything.... BIASA BANGET!!!!

I actually forgot the name of the dish, the sausage one is stamppot (Rp. 29.000) en the other one is xxxxxx klapstuk (Rp. 29.000)

Hmm, the sausage is nice, big and long (i refer to the actual sausage people!!!!!!!!!) but the mashed potato is very filling.

The mashed potato with cream sauce is quite yummy but has some resemblance with baby food...

I also had bitterballen (Rp. 13.000) and holland fries with honey mustard and tuna mayo. The holland fries is very yummy. I prefer the tuna mayo but the honey mustard is not bad

The decor is quite authentic with lots of tulip paintings and all but the air cons is very pathetic. I dun even think they're functional

Rating 7/10

Location: Ahmad Dahlan


  1. Isinya kentang dan daging semua....aku suka...potato meat...>_<

  2. tiba tiba gw ga minat makan potato en meat lagi....