Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teo Chew Palace

Ini nih resto terbaru di Pluit Village...

Tempat nya seh mewah banget ya, with all the chandeliers and gold spoons etc.... Pas gw ksono, isi nya ibu ibu fuckin rich yang lagi ngegosip, engkong engkong + encim encim tajir yang lagi makan dimsum seporsi en ngobrol berjem berjem en orang orang meeting gtu... Kayanya i'm the odd one out gtu LOL

The food:
1. Cha Siu Su (Rp. 16.000)
Yummy!! Hmm May Star's a bit better but this one certainly on my top 3 list of Jakarta's best Cha Siu Su ;) The Pie is very good.... The cha siu is different than the others. Usually, the cha siu is diced but this one is sliced so it's like eating sliced chasiu in a pie. Plus there are lots of sesame seeds, love 'em...

2. Bola Bola Wijem Hitam (Rp. 12.000)
Hmm yang ini gw ga nyoba....

3. Salad Wonton (Rp. 20.000)
This one is on it's chef specialties but it's nothing special... Just some wonton with mayo on top and a small amount of crab eggs.. yeah the mayo is good but it's forgetable

4. Siew Mai (Rp. 16.000)
Yummy!! It's a classic... :D

5. Teo Chew Style Fried Rice with Assorted Seafood (Rp. 68.000)
The priciest fried rice ever.... Hmm yummy but not that special. Definitely not worth it.... The seafood is diced and mixed with the rice so each spoon contains rice + seafood. Lots of sliced omellete on top which I think ruined the presentation and doesn't add the yummy-ness

I still have to try the ala carte...

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: GF, Pluit Village


  1. ehhh,ini dimana alamat lengkapnya??
    dimsumnya looked soo yummy :D

  2. tuh di Pluit Village... Di Ground Floor nya deket Matahari hehe