Monday, March 25, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen

I found out that blogger has an android app! So lets try hehehr

I realized blogging has become one of things I stop doing after I started working. Posting restaurant reviews and food pics are actually one of my stress relieving activity but I'm having a hard time finding the time (and the mood) to do it. So hopefully this app helps.

I just went back from Plaza Senayan, which has raise its ticket price to astonishingly expensive 75k, watching Gerard Butler in Olympus Has Fallen.

Butler is currently one of my fave hollywood actor. He's the new Bruce Willis with hair. Along with Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart, Olympus Has Fallen become the action movie to beat this year.

The absurd plot (destroying the white house and taking POTUS as hostage) is actually really really entertaining. I'm a sucker for secret agent movies and this movie has awed me. The nonstop gun shooting, neck breaking, multiple stabs, blood splattered and also falling choppers left my mind with a huge desire to be a secret service (not paspampres of course)

Butler, just like usual, is the super macho, undead, superman like patriots whose life purpose is to protect the president. Freeman is like perfect. I dunno why but he never fail to amaze me. He can play literally anything. I think Eckhart kinda failed to be a president. He doesn't have that charisma... too pretty to be a president.

Overall, love this movie!! Yeah it's cliche I know but a boy needs his bang bang bang.