Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost in Bandung 2015 - Part 1


Let's cut the story short and go straight to yummy world! On this post I'd like to share some of Bandung's best culinary gems. Since my high school days, Bandung has always been THE place to go to when holiday comes. Although it is only a 2 hours trip from Jakarta, everytime I touch down at Bandung, my mind instantly relax and I got taken away by the laid back Bandung atmosphere. Not to mention, Bandung has many yummy places to enjoy. From street food to high end restaurants, cute coffee shops or romantic hillside restaurant, Bandung got it all.

Now let me take you for a ride through Bandung culinary gems

Roast Chicken by Burgundy

Burgundy is a high end restaurant in Jl Maribaya, Lembang. Located in a small hill, Burgundy is a very nice and romantic place to dine. The vintage main building, cool breeze and natural surroundings is more than enough reason to go here. The food.. Well... I don't think it's great but not disappointing. Price is on the high side so prepare your wallet patients.

Dorokdok and Yamin by Bakmi Maman

A street food specializing in Dorokdok and Yamin in Gardujati area. Noodles and the turnip based soup is the perfect dish in a cool Bandung night.

Nasi Campur Kelenteng

A mediocre and forgetable pork mixed rice in Jl Kelenteng. I think I tried the wrong Nasi Campur since after I finished eating there, I found a way more crowded place not far from this place.  

Nasi Bancakan - Jl Trunojoyo

A place to experience affordable and authentic sundanese cuisine. I am never a fan of sundanese food. I found them bland and not too appetizing. Bancakan offers a rather bold sundanese food on a buffet style setting in a big house that somehow gives a feel of village ambiance. The food are worth to try, grab the black squid thingy, yum!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Wow... Life's been too hectic guys :( I think it's been 3 months since my last post, so sorry I couldn't post any new yummy entries for you guys.. hehehe

This post is about the hip and trendy restaurant by Masterchef Indonesia Judge, Chef Arnold Poernomo. I bet all of you knows this super popular tv personality. He is indeed a great guy, at my first visit he came to our table for small chit chat. So humble despite the great success he has accomplished in such young age.

Anyway, the place is called... NOMZ

Nomz is one of the many "hits" cafes in Grand Indonesia East Mall. Located across Publik Markette, just outside Central Department Store, it is very strategic. Decor wise, i don't think it's outstanding. Not too fancy, more elegant than rugged... Casual but trendy.

On my first visit, I had their Banh Mi (Couldn't find the pics) A rather soft rendition of this vietnamese sandwich. Chef Arnold told me that instead of using baguette like the authentic bahn mi, he choose a soft roll to make it easier to be eaten. I LOVE the pork belly, melt in your mouth kind of meat, with a dash of sourness from the sauce, the heavy bread becomes somehow lighter.

On another occasion, I tried several dishes. One of them is this Mushroom Linguine...

Personally, I prefer spaghetti. Linguine is somehow too smooth and less chewable... The mushroom linguine I had at Nomz that day was... Okay.. IMO, the cream sauce is too salty. A good cream sauce needs to be creamy yet light at the same time. Seasonings have to be just right since saltiness and creaminess is not best friend. Nomz's was too salty, making the whole dish one dimensional...

Next, I tried the Curry Barramundi

I understand that Nomz is not a restaurant specializing in a certain cuisine. Like many other places nowadays, it tries to deliver a personal taste of the chef, not restricted by any boundaries. A whole new generation of fusion food. For me... fusion food is just a trend, so I never appreciate it much. This curry barramundi... has the texture of japanese curry but the taste of indian curry and the sambal of Indonesia. A deconstructed (or nicely plated indonesian style dish) curry rice where the fish is pan fried and we are supposed to put the curry ON the fish or maybe mix the rice with it (seriously I don't understand it). Sorry Chef, I'm not happy with this..\

Last is the fried squid salad

Of all the dishes I tried there, this is the best. A perfectly fried squid (no fishy smell, not chewy, no burnt taste and seasoned balancely) mixed with arugula and balsamic dressing. Refreshing, fragrant and an appetizing appetizer. LOVE it

So.. My verdict is... Well, I don't think I will be coming back (maybe for their cakes?)

Rating: 6/10

Location: Grand Indonesia East Mall GF

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coco Curry Ichibanya

Holaaa mina san, O genki desu ka?

This post is about one of my fave Japanese Food, curry! Ever since I met Japanese Curry, I fell in love with it. The smooth creamy thick brown liquid over a plate of warm steamed rice, oh so addictive! Japanase curry unique characteristics differs it from other curries aroun the world. Most of the world's curry comes in a more liquid consistency, less creamy and more spicy. Apart from it, I think japanese curry is an ultimate comfort food

Coco Curry Ichibanya is a place which main purpose is serving us the most delicious Japanese Curry. Since it's been a long time since I dine at Coco Curry Ichibanya, I will only go over some superficial detail

Starting from the tuna salad, the veggies are fresh, crunchy and not bitter at all. Putting some mayo tuna salad on top is brilliant. The dressing is basically thousand island with japanese touch, a bit sour and watery compared to the americe style thousand island dressing. I love how a bite of the salad will take u into a refreshing blast.

I ordered the breaded mince beef curry rice and it was a foul decision. The curry, yum! Perfect consistency, perfect heat and bits of cheese for some extra jolt of yumminess. IMO, not the best but surely tastes good. The curry lacks boldness. The minced beef is soggy and tasteless, not good :(

My sis ordered this gooey creamy omu rice and it was awesome!! Once u cut through that egg, the filling will ooze out, heavenly! I love how the omurice tastes creamy but not too creamy. The creaminess of the omellete amplifies the curry's creaminess.

Overall, I think Coco Curry Ichibanya is a place worth visiting. Since the price is quite affordable, I'm sure many high school or university students will find this place perfect for their weekend :)

Rating: 7/10
Location: Grand Indonesia, West Mall 4F

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Noodle Diary: Part 2

Holaaaaa let's do another noodle showdown, shall we?

First Contender is Bakmi Aloi

Bakmi Aloi is a typical Palembang style noodle. The noodle is thin and slighly chewy a bit sweet. Usually, the toppings are minced pork or chicken, chasiu pork and mushrooms with some beansprouts. I don't really like this type of noodle but Aloi is an exception. :)

Located in Muwardi Street, Grogol area, my first encounter with Aloi was back in college. I remember some of the girls in my college craved for Aloi for the sake of the handsome boss LOL. The place used to be small, consists only 5 or maybe 5 tables. Now the place is HUGE and they have many branches across town.

Aside from the noodle, Aloi serves yummy side dishes. My favorite is half portion of pig kidney and blood, heavenly delicious! Add some minced pork pork for 10K, worth every penny. Last, if u a deep fried addict, order the ngo hiong (pork roll in beancurd skin) YUMMY!

Next... Bakmi Aheng Mangga Besar/Bakmi Ahau

I know it's confusing but I'll try to explain...

I found this noodle in Mangga Besar back in my intern days in Husada Hospital. A friend introduced me to this small stall/carriage at an alley near Cucu Foto in Mangga Besar. It is super dirty but always packed with customers. Apparently, a similar stall appears every night at the same Mangga Besar Street near Lokasari area under a different name, Bakmi Ahau. I'm not really sure about the different name but let's focus on the noodle :)

This noodle is thick and chewy, typical mie karet. The topping is chasiu pork with some greens. Taste is mainly sweet, a bit savory. Noodle is super oily so practice your chopsticks skills folk

The highlight of this noodle is the fried meatball. It is so different from the other meatballs i found. Rather sweet and hard but addictive... The noodle, i don't really like it but combined with the meatballs, worth trying!

That's it folks, hope u guys drool :)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lost in Jogja : All in One


How you doin guys? This is the month of Ramadhan so happy fasting for all of my moslem friends :)

Today I'd like to inspire you guys when you are travelling to Jogja. The last time I went to Jogja is around 1.5 years ago... No worries, I bet the food will be as delish as I tasted. Here we goooo

Bebek Goreng Cak Koting

A famous fried chicken and fried duck stall in Jogja. Opened till late night everyday, not to be missed! The delicate and savoury deep fried poultry, a Jogjakarta icon.

Bakmi Ketandan

A legendary chinese food joint in the chinatown area of Jogjakarta. The fried rice is to die for! Small cubes of pork scattered on a bed of fragrant, dry and savoury fried rice. Perfecto. The veggie stir fry is a pleasant homemade-style dish that makes you miss home instantly

Gudeg Pawon

A unique gudeg place that serves their gudeg late at night, in front of their kitchen (pawon). A total tongue pleaser, warm and sweet. Gudeg is sweetened jackfruit stew and Gudeg Pawon has won my heart. All of the ingredients are locally produce, cooked traditionally according to the recipe of an ex palace chef. Love love love this place

Bale Raos

Bale Raos is a restaurant serving the favorite food of the kings (sultans) of Jogjakarta. Having been imperialised by the Dutch, many dishes here has major western/dutch twist. I find the food here a bit too pretty and safe (and also touristy). To cater to the milder palate of foreign tourist, the food here are rather bland IMO.

There are still many hidden culinary gem in Jogja but unfortunately I don't have that many pics :( 

So long patients, LOVE INDONESIA!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Duel: Monolog VS One Fifteenth

It's time for another duel patients! Behold, the battle of hipster coffee shops. Actually, I don't have lots of pics about coffeeshops since I rarely visit them on daylights... Most of my pics are dark and blurry so pardon me for the limited photos :(

First is.. MONOLOG

There are 2 branches of Monolog in Jakarta, Plaza Senayan and Pondok Indah Mall. Serving good coffee, Monolog is always packed with coffee junkie from morning till midnight.

I am not and don't think will ever be a coffee expert. There is only two kinds of coffee for me, good one and bad one. I actually prefer the asian/indonesian style coffee of "kopi susu tubruk" where coarse coffee grounds is boiled with hot water and given sweet condensed milk to add the sweetness. Monolog's coffee or in this pic, cafe latte, is smoot but not velvety smooth. Balanced taste, low acidity and not too earthy.

The cheesy pastry is good, somehow I think it's a bit too sweet. I dunno whether they bake their own cakes or have some suppliers provide it for them but their cake is definitely worth trying.

I had this ox tongue fried rice in Monolog PIM 2, tastewise not good. Ugh... Seriously, don't order this ever.


1/15 is a super hip coffee shop in Gandaria area, not far from Gandaria City Mall. I've been drooling over the instagrams pics of "happening" people enjoying their coffee their --"

One day, I finally passing through the area and waste no time in finding the coffee shop. Place, chic and hip. Very instagenic. Service, a bit slow. Call me snobbish but I expect excellent, ass kissing, ego boosting kind of service when I pay that much money for coffee and cakes.

Coffee... Hmm... I'd say... Just okay (please don't kill me) Seriously, of all the places for coffee, I found 1/15 is just okay. Definitely not my fave, on par with Monolog. They have some snacks there and one of their specialty is Beau's Bombos. And... It is also just okay, nothing to brag about or worth a second order. So much for the stellar reviews :(

Well, for me... Monolog is the winner!!! Their place might not as comfy as 1/15 or as cool as 1/15 but I came to enjoy my coffee, my cakes and my me time. For that, fancy decor can't win against yummy cakes.

See you again patients :)

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Monolog - Plaza Senayan GF/ PIM Street Gallery
One Fifteenth - Jl. Gandaria I No. 63

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Abura Soba Yamatoten

Abura Soba Yamatoten is a japanese soba restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk area... Unlike it's predecessors, Abura Soba Yamatoten specializes in Soba. I am not a soba fans, my fave type of japanese noodle is actually udon. When this place became huge is social media, I wonder why people gone crazy over soba. Sooo, I decided to give it a try with my sis and mom

The place is very PIK. Renovated shophouse with minimal decor and simple modern japanese touches here and there. I don't think the place can handle more than 50 guesses (no wonder people always queues outside).

I'm so sorry, I kindo forget the names of the dishes but no worries, i'll try my best to describe each and every dish. The soba is handmade and produced fresh daily by the chefs, using authentic and high quality ingredients. I love the consistency of the soba which is different from the soba we usually find in Japanese restaurant. The soba is like ramen but thicker and more chewy.

The soba is served with bamboo shoots, onsen tamago (runny half boiled egg), nori shreds, finely chopped spring onions and pork slices. This is the basic version... Noodle consistency is beautiful. Mix the soba with all the ingredients, put seasonings as instructed (chili oil and vinegar) and voila, creamy gooey savoury japanese noodle. It reminds me a lot of pasta carbonara. I can't say it's not delicious but it is not my cup of tea. This dish is something new to my palate and I really enjoyed it BUT after finishing half of the soba, I found it boring, two dimensional and in the end a bit too creamy (and not in a good way)

This is another version of the soba, using soybean paste base sauce. Taste more like chachiang mian or korea's jajjangmyeun. Ugh... Hate this noodle, sweet and pungent. Big NO NO

Last one is their rice dish. Abura Soba Yamatoten serves a limited variety of japanese dishes. When we went there, Mom doesn't want to eat noodle so we ordered this one and only rice dish. Basically a bowl of rice with grilled pork belly slices on top. The pork belly is very oily, then it is served on a bowl of rice with NOTHING else other than garnish. I wonder how people can enjoy this dish. Sure the pork is good but come on... Rice and pork slices only?

There are many other places in PIK that serves better food, I don't think I'll be coming back here...

Rating: 6/10
Location: PIK, near the JORR entrance

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Gluttony Alert : Muara Karang

Holaaaaaa patients :) How u doin baby? Since I'm not really in the mood for transferring pics from my phone, I'll post some of the foodpic stocks in my computer. This is a brand new series of post. The "Gluttony Alert" series. If the "Lost in ....." series tells you about my travelling stories, the "Gluttony Alert" series will focus on all the yummies in a certain area.

Dr B's Journal has been my personal space for 8 years. I've wrote so many things in this blog, not only food reviews. I don't have much spare time like when I was in college so the number of post is very limited but I tried to make it as "me" as possible :)

So.. for the first post of Gluttony Alert, say hello to Muara Karang.

Why? Because it's my backyard :) And.. It's on my top list of places with good food hehe... Meet the yummies of Muara Karang

Bihun Kepala Ikan (Vermicelli with fish head soup)

Located in Pasar Muara Karang, this is a very crowded breakfast spot. Turn left at the Toyota Dealership from Muara Karang main street. U'll find this spot at the right side, in a food court in front of Aroma Seafood. I don't really like this dish since it's a bit too sour for my taste. In fact, the only memorable thing of this dish is the sourness.

Kuo Tie

This is a kuo tie (jiao zi) or gyoza from a small stall run by a chinese lady. The lady can only speak a little Bahasa Indonesia, so I guess it's pretty safe when I declare it authentic chinese dumplings. The skin is too think, minimal filling and too much greens. I like my kuo tie meaty and juicy --"

Another dish from the food court in Pasar Muara Karang. Mamak style (belacan) fried noodle. Yes. it resembles Malaysian cuisines yet the enci enci (chinese lady) doesn't announce it as Malaysian food. It's a dish from Medan that resembles Malaysian cuisines. I kinda like this noodle... Taste is bold, I can feel the heat and the savouryness of the noodle, seafood is fresh and portion is perfect for breakfast.

Sek Ba by Kuo Tie Shantung

There's a kuo tie place called Kuo Tie Shantung in Muara Karang. Opens around 9 P.M. in front of A&W Muara Karang. LOVE THE PORK INNARDS!!! The sweet and herby black sauce surprisingly goes well with rice. Order the tongue and tofu, those are my favorites.

Kuo Tie by Koe Tie Shantung

Kuo Tie is pan fried chinese dumplings. The characteristic of a kuo tie is the fried crispy part at the base of the dumpling and moist chewy part at the top of the dumplings. The deep fried ones are just fakes :p Kuo Tie Shantung serves on of the best kuo tie in Jakarta, recommended.

Rainbow Sandwich by Eng's

A very popular restaurant amongts enci enci and abege, serving affordable dishes all day long. The sandwich tastes really good! Toast is crispy, the dressing is enough to moist the dry sandwich but not too soggy. I think it only costs me around 18K :)

Steamed Chicken Rice with Free Range Chicken Egg by Nasi Tim Pasar Pagi

LEGENDARY!!!!! Some said (and I said) it's the best nasi tim (steamed rice) ever. Period. The fragrant rice, creamy and soft. It's like ur tummy is being awakened by the warm southern wind.... Oh so good! Tips: put some fish sauce into the hot steamed rice, adds another layer of goodness into the dish.

Stir Fried Pig Kidney with Onions and Celery by Chef Achun

This is one of Chef Achun's signature dish and one of my fave food ever. Pig kidney is a delicate ingredient that requires a certain way of containing and cooking to make it tastes delicious. The kidney has to be fresh, cleaned properly and eaten right after it is cooked. You have to be careful not to overcook the kidney or it'll get hard and a bit bitter. When it is cooked properly. the texture would be slightly chewy, creamy and melts in your mouth. Oh... blissful...

So, how about it patients? Come and visit Muara Karang to get your hungry belly entertained, satisfaction guaranteed. Give me a holler on my instagram @doc_babi I'll be glad to answer all your question :) See yaaaa

Friday, May 01, 2015


Happy May Day everyone! To celebrate the start of May, I'll present you... Benedict

Benedict is one of the new hip spot in Jakarta. Location? None other than Grand Indonesia. This place has become to hub of everything classy, luxurious and hip. I find myself amused with all the eateries in this area.. All of them are so hip and current, tastes real good (and yeah quite expensive) and easy to find.

Benedict is a member of Union group, a restaurant group that never fails. Unlike their competitors such is Ismaya or Boga, Union group is more consistent in creating amazing restaurants. Their joints are not only trendy, decorated nicely but also yummy! Benedict's main ammo is their breakfast food. There are not many places for brunch in Jakarta. Some of them are coffee places that also serves brunch menu. Benedict is the opposite, they specialize in serving breakfast menus and also good coffee.

 Florentine Egg Benedict (Rp. 85.000)

Egg Benedict with cured salmon, dill, baby spinach and tobikko. Yummylicious! The oozing egg yolk combined with lovely texture of the salmon, the buttery hollandaise sauce and the salty crunchy texture of the tobikko is a perfect harmony.


Good cofffee by Toby Estate
 Vanilla ice cream with maple syrup and bacon

Seriously! What could be more fun than trying this menu. I don't think its great but having this ice cream is why I love eating #gluttonyalert. It's that new sensation at the tip of your tongue that makes me ecstatic
 Scotch Eggs (Rp. 35.000)

Boiled egg wrapped inside minced chicken, served with bonito flakes and mayo. Another new addiction. Oh damn I love this egg!

Benedict is a recommended place for you guys to go brunch or just having a chit chat in Grand Indonesia. My only concern is the small portion, doesn't fit the male clientele. I'm a fat guy big appetite, so.... maybe... It's me not the portion :(

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Grand Indonesia East Mall, 1F

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Noodle Diary - Part 1

This new series will be about noodle. Yes patients, noodle. Over the years, I've found noodle to be THE BEST breakfast food ever. Some would say toast, some would say omellete, some would even say muesli (yeah right.. healthy yes, best breakfast NO). For me, noodle is my achilles heel.

Less talking more food, meet Bakmi Pancoran.

The truth is I don't know the name of the noodle --" Here's how to find this noodle stall. From Angke or Pasar Pagi area, go straight to Pancoran. After passing the pasar pagi lama area, you'll meet an intersection, go left. Around 500 m, look to your left, across the small river you'll find a noodle stall (not far from a small bridge). There's the place.

The place is a small stall, with some chairs and tables at the end of the alley. Place is crowded, a sign of yummyness. Order the boiled chicken a.k.a pek cam ke. A traditional chinese dish that looks very humble but can blow your mind. The noodle is a crossbreed between "mie karet" and "mie bangka" a bit thick but not as chewy as the usual "mie karet" The noodle is oily and fragrant, yummmm :) Last, the price is oh so cheap. Around 13K for a bowl of noodle, what a bargain!

Next... Bakmi Lily

I know there's a lot of noodle stall called bakmi Lily in Jakarta. This one is located in Mangga Besar area. Turn right at the small alley between a fruit store and a restaurant complex across Rumah Sakit Husada, it's 100 M on the left.

The noodle is the smooth type with rather sweet chicken, pork and mushroom topping. The type of noodle thats a bit dark and wet. I love the taste of the mushroom and chicken topping but sometimes the noodle is too soggy, esp in the afternood when too many noodle has been boiled.

Other than the noodle, Bakmi Lily serves locupan!!! Yummmmm!!! Not all noodle place have locupan in their menu. Bakmi Lily's style matches the characteristic of the rice flour locupan perfectly.

That's all for now patients, see you around :)

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Taste Paradise

Today's blog is about... DIMSUM

Yes patients, the little cute addictive devils :p I HEART DIMSUM!!!! U can have em as breakfast or lunch (or even dinner if you're in the mood) When I was a kid, there's not that many dimsum places like nowadays. I remember the IT place for dimsum is Shangrila Restaurant at Pasar Baru area, any of you know this place?

Taste Paradise is a member of Paradise Group, a successful chinese food restaurant brand that has expanded to Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and London. From Singapore, this brand consistently delivers great and modern chinese food without losing its authenticity. Taste Paradise is the high-end line of the restaurant group. Their Plaza Indonesia outlet is the first one opened outside Singapore.

I LOVE the place! Amazing grandeur over the top decor, very royal-ish. The service is impaccable, one of the best in Jakarta, in a chinese restaurant where usually service comes in second.

The dimsum spread is not that innovative, they stick to the classic with some modern touches. What I love about their dimsum is that they are simple (not some over the top weird tasting dimsum) with high quality ingredients which tastes really really good.

My fave of the brunch: Baked Chasiu Pao

 Simple looking fried rice, taste amazing

The price tag is quite steep, brunch for 5 cost us around 1 million IDR. Anyway, worth every penny!!! My top 3 for dimsum in Jakarta.

See u again patients, keep on munching :)

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Rate: 8.5/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia 5F

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Publik Markette

Publik Markette is one of the newest addition to Ismaya Group. As one of the leading restaurant/lifestyle business group, it is indeed the market leader (in close competition with Union group IMO in terms of quality). Not like the earlier establishments such as Sushi Groove and Pizza E Birra, Ismaya is now more focused on quality.

Meet Publik Markette, a gem in Grand Indonesia. Definitely a strong contender in the endless fab eatery in Grand Indonesia. IMO, best concept so far. Publik Markette offers casual settings to fancy food.

Take a look at the carefully decorated place, love every details. Fancy yet somehow feels homey and laid back. The food court concept is not new but Publik Markette takes it into another level. All u need to do there is show your table number (in the form of a stick on your table) and start drool around the lavish food court style showcase.

As an avid pork addict, I instantly pick the pork belly. The pork belly is served with a sort of cranberry sauce and my choice of briyani rice as a side dish. The side dish is unfortunately not included.

The pork belly is superb! Super crispy skin, tender pork belly with a tangy note from the sauce. My side dish is not exactly in perfect sync but hey, what could go wrong with rice? :) IMO, one of the best pork belly ever, totally in love!

Another dish we tried that day is the BBQ beef brisket. The brisket is also yummy! Served with the english muffin and baby potatoes, a total tummy pleaser. The melting fat from the brisket makes me went awww....

For the coffee, they serve coffees from D'Journal (another Ismaya's establishment). Not bad for certainly not good. Well, it is not the place for coffee so I don't think it matters.

My verdict, a must try and I will come again for more yummy bites. Love the ambiance, love the food but not the price tag. Main course set you around 120-150K IDR and side dish 30K IDR. Drinks are around 30-50K IDR. One thing I fond of this place is the portion of the food. It's pretty, it's yummy AND it's not ridiculously small!!!! Recommended

East Mall, Grand Indonesia 1F
Rating: 8/10