Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Red Sapphire

The Red Sapphire is a new chinese restaurant in Pluit Junction, North Jakarta. The restaurant claim to be the best seafood restaurant in Hongkong.

The food:
1. Blackpepper beef with honey --> delicious!!! not too spicy, not to sweet, just perfect!
2. Mun tofu with salted fish --> unique!!! i never see this menu before. The tofu is delicious, the salted fish has the perfect saltiness and it is served in claypot which make it warm even after 15 minutes.
3. Two flavor eel --> nothing special, fried eel with salt and pepper plus eel with orange sauce.

Ambience: The interior is very chinese. Dominated with red carpet and chinese art at every corner. There'a an interesting painting of Mao Tze Dong.

I spent Rp. 650.000 for 6 people, rather expensive but worth it

4 out of 5