Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shabu Ghin

One of the current trend in Jakarta culinary scene is all you can eat japanese shabu shabu. Shabu shabu is not a new item in Jakarta BUT the opening of Shaburi, which offers unlimited premium beef shabu with affordable price, really change the scene.

Meet Shabu Ghin, a late bloomer in Jakarta shabu shabu competition.

Like the hugely succesfull Shaburi, Shabu Ghin offers packages of all you can eat premium shabu beef. I tried the premium shabu beef package (168K IDR) with a 30% discount from Kesles (an android app) Yeah I know, what a bargain!!!

The strong point of Shabu Ghin is their delicious appetizer, dessert and drink bar. All of them are GOODDD!! The japchae (korean stir fry glass noodle) is off the hook. I really don't know and don't care why they serve a korean food in a japanese restaurant, all I know is that is one of the best japchae ever. Try their chicken karaage, a deep fried battered chicken thigh, dip it in the creamy nut shabu sauce, HEAVEN.

The beef, IMO is slightly better than shaburi. Somehow I feel em thicker and juicier. To enjoy the beef you will be given several choices of cooking soup, feel free to try different soup. I tried the original konbu, yummy.

Last, dessert and drink bar.... They have melon juice dispenser!! Oh the juice is a major help after the heavy beef shabu, totally in love. They also serve some soft cream, a rather yummy one compared to other all you can eat joint.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit here, recommended

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Wolter Monginsidi No 53, Jakarta

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lost in Bandung 2015: Part 2

Another Bandung post ladies and gentlemen hehehehe

Ceritanya, Desember kemarin gw pergi ke Bandung LAGI. Maklum deh ya tamu2 kebesaran dari down under balik Indo, jadi nya kita... holiday bersamaaa yihaaaaa

I will not bore you with unimportant details about my holiday BUT I will share a lot of about the food we had.

 Paikut goreng lada garam 

Pokatiam is a rather small eatery in Pasirkaliki (Next to the infamous Sosis Baso Pasirkaliki) Serving casual chinese food with affordable price yet more than decent taste. Note: HARAM alert! They serve many many pork dishes and they are quite yummy

Nasi Goreng Lap Chiong

OH SO GOOD! Everything was spot on

Chasiu Madu

I didn't expect the roasted char siu with honey would be this good but I was surprised! The meat is tender and flavorful, yummmm

Pisang Coklat Keju

This snack is sold on a street cart outside Sosis Baso Pasirkaliki. The banana is deep fried then served with load of chocolate rice, condensed milk and cheese. So sinfully delicious! Stop counting the calories, just enjoy :p

 Nasi Bebek

Hmm mediocre.... Well after all we come for the view and the experience, not the food

Nasi Timbel

Another menu from Dusun Bambu, mediocre

This is from Lawang Wangi Art Space. A very classy and artsy space for art exhibition. Actually the food here is not bad but then again, it is nothing special. Well executed, but not special