Sunday, February 09, 2014

February: Around Jakarta

Today's post is gonna be the Around Jakarta series. I used to post this kind review under the title "Dimana-mana Makanan", just upgraded it into English so it can reach non bahasa user --> go international!

Let's start the yummy stroll patients :)

First one we got Bakso Afung. A legendary bakso (meatball) stall, sprawling across Jakarta. The pontianak style bakso charaterized with super yummy beef broth, thin meatballs, scallions and garlic oil makes this particular meatball stands out. The meatballs are served in a bowl of hot broth, usually with beef inards and noodle/kway teow on the side. One of my favorite comfort food hehehe

Now we got this vegetarian pesto pasta from Ideas in Streel Gallery Pondok Indah. A delicate and elegant dish, very appropriate with u gals in diet. The pasta is al dente with smooth and sophisticated taste and fresh ingredients. Price is on the high side though.

Next is Indonesia's favorite noodle, INDOMIE. Yes I mention the brand and no I wasn't endorsed by the company. This is from Tovas, a small street stall selling indomie and roti bakar (toast) in setiabudi area, just beside Four Seasons Hotel and Aston Hotel. The toast is off the hook and the Indomie is to die for.

Last is Marutama Ramen. Their ramen for me is one of the best in Jakarta. Despite the hugely popular Hakata Ikkousha or Ikkudo Ichi, Marutama is in another class. Their place exudes elegance and exclusiveness. Not like the quee-for-one-hour place, with wooden small chairs and the waiters yelling every 5 seconds. The broth is silky smooth yet savory, the pork is tender and flavorful. Not to mention the noodle, springy and soft at the same time. Put more of those fried garlic to add some spark in your bowl

That's it for now, see u guys aroud.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Tony Roma's

Today's gonna be a short post about the super famous ribs place in Jakarta, Tony Roma's.

Tony Roma's is a franchise from the US, conquering pork ribs lover all around the world. Well I gotta say, with that super tender and flavorful pork, who can resist it?

Tony Roma's has 2 kinds of pork ribs. The baby back ribs and the St Louis Ribs. The baby back is the famous one. The St Louis is more meaty but less tender. Over the year, I expanded my choices here... The usual Original Baby Back is getting boring, my new fave is Baby Back Ribs with Carolina Honey sauce, a bit sweet but still savory, goes very well with the ribs.

Don't forget the Onion Loaf, super crispy and addictive. I'm not a huge fans of onion rings but damn... Tony Roma's is yummylicious! Perfectly fried and beautifully caramelized.. Must order when u dine here.

Complimentary Bread Basket

Rating: 8.5/10
Location: UOB Building, Jakarta