Sunday, January 29, 2012


Wassup patientssssss, long time no see :) Work has been super busy but now here I am, with another yummy dishes to parade

A while ago, Asmet and I went to this old fave place of my family... Rendezvous

Rendezvous is a Chinese restaurant located in Central Jakarta. A bit different from Chinese restaurants in Central Jakarta, the food here is somehow more Indonesian/Western infused. The patrons here is not only chinese but also old bule bule en Pribumi. Therefore, it's doesn't feel as Cina as Restoran Angke for example.

The place is clean but old... Needs renovation ASAP. But.... That gives an authentic feeling, as if we're back in the 80's (got that same feeling in Miranda, another Central Jakarta yummy spot) The owner/cashier is your regular curly old chinese granny with waiters in black and white which reminded me of Warkop movies :)

The food:
1. Special Sliced Pork Ham Fried Rice (Rp. 47.500)

Okay.... I know this is an expensive plate of fried rice but trust me, worth every dime! HUGE portion with generous toppings. I don't need to describe this further, one of the best fried rice ever. It's fragrant, it's dry, it's meaty, it's soooo comforting :) YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!

2. Pork Steak in Butter Sauce (Rp. 70.000)

Again... Another expensive yet yummy dish. Don't underestimate the picture, it can feed at least 4 people! The meat was tender, not a hint of weird smell anywhere. The sauce is buttery (although I'm sure the appropriate word is margarine-y) and complement the fried mince meat perfectly. I like lots of peas in my bistik and the potato is not crunchy. Maybe if it's sliced more thinly, it would be perfect.

3. Prawn Spring Rolls in Tomato Sauce (Rp. 65.000)

YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!! Another spot on deliciousness.This meaty spring roll is just perfect.. With the tomato dip, the crunchy skin and the savory filling, this spring roll is best paired with hot steamed rice

Recommended place for anyone! If u love Indonesian style Chinese food, this is a must try :)

Rating: 8/10
Location: Jl. Johar, Jakarta