Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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X'mas Season

Galaksi News

Statement of the day....

Dr. B: Dylan, jembut adalah ciri -ciri...............

Jawaban yang diharapkan adalah ciri-ciri perkembangbiakkan sekunder laki-laki

Dylan: Ciri-ciri yang membuat alat kelamin jadi keren

Dylan: Eh mister, gw mo nanya ni, jembut bisa ubanan ga seh?

Dr. B: (apa coba....) Gw juga ga tau... Lets see in twenty years ya

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dylan Zanady

This is the link to Dylan's FS.....

Suddenly I feel old....

Astaga...... Hormon.... Hormon.... Hormon....

Galaksi News

Edward and James

Tomorrow is Matematika and Science final exam. I don't think I need to explain what happened.... I made 26 math problems and only Aldo get more than 60.... Plus, I yelled continuously for 4 effing hours!!!!!!!!!! God....

Thank God Thursday is Mandarin, I need a break from all that yelling...

Statement of the day

Santoso: Kalo cewe ngaceng, jembut nya jadi lurus kali ya

Aldo: (out of nowhere) PENTILANAK --> A new breed of Kuntilanak.....

The Effect of World Monetary Crisis

Sorella Factory Demonstration

Location Pluit, North Jakarta

PS: Can't they find another time? Jembatan Toket is being repaired and this cost me another 15 minutes to the fucking campus for that fucking useless lecture

Sunday, November 23, 2008

AB's B'day Dinner

Location: Bandar Djakarta

Secara si AB uda ngidam berat ama cumi goreng tepung, jadilah kita makan makan di Bandar Djakarta...

Dan malam pun berakhir di Blowfish..... (Tetep ya..... hahahaha)

Ps: Pudel Perek uda bawa bawa brondong tuh

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cita-cita Gerard

Minggu ini kegiatan gw tidak terlalu parah, tensi naek dalam batas normal en lumayan sering diisi dengan ngobrol ngobrol ga penting

Anyway, si Aldo, murid gw yang nilai nya paling oke, menemukan akses ke blog ini lewat fs gw. Alhasil, mereka smua maen kruma Aldo buat ngeliat blog ini (yes, lumayan naeki hit count)

Lalu pas kita lage ngobrol2 intermezzo di tengah kepungan soal math, out of nowhere si Gerard tiba tiba ngomong

Gerard: Eh gw mau de punya beha

The rest of us: (Terdiam sesaat.....)

Gerard: (berusaha nge distract tapi gagal) Gw mau nya punya toko beha

Dr. B: Gerard!!! Orang mah cita cita jadi dokter, jadi lawyer, elo malah mo punya toko beha!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, si Aldo, abis ngebaca post yang tentang jembut (gw bahkan lupa seh itu yang mana) jadi hobi banget ngomong kata jembut. It's like every 30 seconds he said 'jembut'
Susah ya emank kalo hormon......

Lalu, as usual, Dylan mulai dengan statement statement bokep nya.

Dylan: Eh eh kata nya cewe kalo lagi 'itu', toket nya kenceng

The rest of them: Ah masa seh????

Dylan: iya!! tanya mister de. Mister, kalo cewe gtu, bisa keras kan toket nya?

Dr. B: Kalo math loe besok dapet 80, loe boleh tanya apapun yang loe mau

Dylan: (dengan penuh semangat) bener ya!!!! Awas loe ntar, gw pasti dapet 8

Dr. B: Kalo loe bisa dapet 100, gw kasi loe akses porn gratis di komputer rumah!!!

All of them: HAH!!! BENER YA!!

Marshelline: Aduh.... gw bisa gila lama lama les disini

Sour Sally

A new frozen yoghurt joint at Jakarta's mall, very very girlie and cute. Sour!!! Yeah... Not a big yoghurt fans but i think this is one of the best yoghurt i've ever tasted. They have green tea yoghurt and i had peach as my topping. Yummy....

Caution: I suggest u pick the smallest size..... God it's sour..

My Friday Night

Setelah ngelayanin manusia manusia Galaksi, gw meluncur ke tempat nya si Brandon... Sumpa gw laper banget. Dasar si Brandon gendut juga hobi nya ngemil pas ngeles, alhasil inilah yang terjadi...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

James Part I

Arghhhhhhhhh stres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. B: James, gimana ni ngubah ini jadi persen?

James: Umm... Ummm.... (sambil megangin pala en kedap kedip) dibagi 100 terus dikali seratus

Dr. B: (Dengan volume rada gede) Dikali seratus James!!!

Gw rada bingung seh, suara uda gede, duduk uda di sbela gw tapi tetep aja gw ngomong kaya ga didenger....


Dr. B: JAMES!!!!!!!! Barusan dibilangin kan, dikali S.E.R.A.T.U.S!!!!

James: Iya ini uda kan! (padahal yang dia tulis mah apa coba....)

Soal berikut nya.....

Dr. B: James, kalo yang ini gimana? Sama ni kaya nomor sebelom nya

James: Iya..... (sambil membuat)

Dr. B: James!!!!! Kok gini lagi seh bikin nya!!! Bikin ke persen gimana jadi nya?!!!!

James: Dikali seratus kan!!!


Perfect Day

Today is one of this year's best day. Since I skipped this morning's THT class, the only thing left to do is teaching. I have spare time from 10 a.m till 3 p.m so i decided to hang out at Starbucks PJ. I wrote some problems for my student and then read Brisingr (the latest instalment of Eragon). With a cup of dark cherry mocha, my day was just perfect....

Galaksi News

I dunno why, bad things keep on happening....

According to the latest information from Ko Suli, Marshelline has a kind of Kidney defect. I don't know precisely but the point is only 1 of her kidneys is functional. He told me to go easy on her coz she got tired easily (it didn't look that way when he chased santo around when he mocked her.....)

Anyway, as far as I remember, i never found anything unusual on my friends. Yeah there were some people with really bad marks but none of them were like Edward or James. There were some bad mouthed and rebellious ones but not like Dylan (who said "enak.... enak...." when his friends was trying to strip him at school.... I couldn't help laughing when i heard this. His stupid horny face just popped up)

And there is the twins with awful food odor.... Thank God for Rexona, it reduces the odor like 80%.. Plus Horich, the bully/banyak bacot/trying to be cool/thank God he's kinda smart, narcissistic kid.

Back to Marchelline, i dunno why but Galaksi is flooded with kids with learning difficulties. I know it's suppose to be that way since it is a tuition centre.... but is it too much to ask if I want some normal kids with average marks and normal attitude.

If only u guys can come and see what James can do to raise my blood pressure.... God..... He made such stupid mistakes from forgetting to put the measurement after every answer to mistakes in simple multiplication and division. Mistakes that shouldn't be made by a kid that age! Edward? Not a huge difference...

James get 7.5, Edward 8 and Gerard 8 for the last math test... Nice right? 7.5/100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually speechless... Well the average is around 30-40, but come on.... 7.5?!!! And James ALWAYS gives excuses!!! I hate that!!!!!!!!!! If u do something bad or forget something, just admit it!!! Excuses is not acceptable!!!

Sometimes i wonder, why can I teach like Regina's teacher (u guys still remember Regina right?). Thing were simple. We come, we start memorizing collectively, we go home and we got good marks. I think there's about 40 kids in a class and that's not a problem. I have 10 and every one of them has a certain special need...

Anyway, me loving this job and them is what keeps me going. The money is not worth it.... And u know what, this blog is a very very good venting place :p

Monday, November 17, 2008

Marshelline Update

Jumat kmaren, gw ngajar si Marshelline di tengah hujan super deras en petir yang menyambar... Alhasil murid gw yang uda pada pulang jadi balik en nongkrong gtu di tempat gw....

Nah si Mba Marshelline ini, uda gw suru apalin rumus bangun ruang nya diruma tetep ga apal juga, akir nya gw tongkrongin tuh, en abis itu gw cek (dengan diancam hukuman nyalin tu rumus 20x tiap kali ada yang salah) setelah menyalin sekitar 60x, akir nya apal juga dan kita mulai pengerjaan soal....

Trus karena tempat nya jadi rada rame, gw ga duduk di depan nya dia, rada jau aja... toh banyak anak2 yang laen kan. Lalu gw kluar bentar tuh buat ngapain gw lupa, cuma kluar pintu doank... Nah dia pikir gw kluar nya lama kale ya, begitu gw lewat pintu, DIA LANGSUNG BUKA CONTEKAN RUMUS NYA. Amatir.... ada apa seh anak2 pikir kalo guru nya tolol sehingga ga tau kalo dia lage nyontek?

Langsung aja gw bentak! en gw ultimatum, kalo loe mau nyontek kalo bikin, mulai besok ga usa dateng ya, gw ga mau ngajarin tukang nyontek!

Tensi rada naek seh, untung ga nangis.... gw lupa dia cewe.... kebiasaan cowo smua...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Craig David - Insomnia

Last Night at X2

Ini cuma sekedar pemberitahuan kepada seluruh gossip sharks, do not believe a single word from Pudel Perek ato Ratu Iblis tentang what happened last night.

I had a few drinks (a little too much...) had some fun and that's it. :p

Walopun cerita cerita dari mereka berdua pasti terdengar sangat xtravaganza, itu smua cuma hiperbola belaka okehhhhhhhhh

Friday, November 14, 2008

Galaksi News

Gela bulan ini seh boring abis!!!!! As u can see, it's 14th already and i've only posted 3 blogs...

Anyway, secara gw nganggur druma siang ini, i decided to vent about my not-so-smart students.

Exhibit 1

James Branson Tanaka

Species yang satu ini emank uda ga diragukan kemampuan nya dalam hal naekin tensi gw. Latest accomplishment nya adalah dimana dia bilang kalo 15 : 60 = 5

FYI, ini adalah murid favorit si Ciwalit..... Kata nya si james lucu abis dengan rambut belah samping nya yang jadul abis (tiba tiba keinget rambut gw dulu).

Gw seh uda angkat tangan ama tu anak..... Secara nilai ulangan dia smua nya kebakaran...

Exhibit 2


Species ini adalah anggota baru dari Galaksi. Baru mulai ngeles awal bulan ini.... Kelas 5 SD dengan muka rada jutek en cadel cadel malesin. Bukan nya ngehina tapi ga tau napa, cadel nya rada annoy aja. Biasa kan cadel jadi lucu, ini mah cadel nya cinta laura style gtu, malesin kan? Nah..... kemampuan akademis nya lebi mengkhawatirkan lagi. Ngerjain soal volume bangun ruang 12 nomor, yang bener cuma 1. Gawat kan? Trus type yang banyak alesan gtu , contoh:

1. buku mat nya lupa bawa....

2. aduh tadi uda dimasukkin buku nya tapi tiba tiba ga ada ni mister (emank nya tu buku punya kaki apa!!)

3. Lupa ni rumus nya apa, padahal tadi uda ngapalin kok mister

Ini gw rada parno seh, secara ngeles baru sebentar trus minggu depan uda mo final test, gimana coba cara nya naekin nilai nya kalo kaya gini

Anyway...... sekarang sekian dulu, gw mo tidur siang...... Jarang jarang Jakarta mendung en i hav the time to enjoy that ;)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Giant

Kmaren gw suru Edward make baju gw en dipake dia pas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God..... He is so damn huge!!!!!!!!!

Menu of the Week

Gurame Goreng Saus Sambal ala Chef A Chun

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Laporan Hari Minggu

Aduh bosen banget ni, akhir akhir ini ga ada kejadian seru buat dilaporin..... BOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, daripada ni blog ga diupdate (nanti pada kabur lage gossip sharks nya), gw update ama cerita hari minggu kemaren aja.

Jadi.... minggu kemaren tuh acara makan2 b'day nya si Padang, sayang sekali foto nya gw ga ada tapi bisa diliat di FB kok, kita makan makan di Spageddies Senci. Bukan nya maksud saya menghina tapi ibu AB seh dahsyat!!!!! Gela tu, gw ngabisin ayem uda ampe mengap mengap tapi dia kayanya sante aja ya? Bravoooooo!!!! Plus.... abis dari senci, dia ke Santa beli sate ayam! Buset..... gw uda muak berat gt abis makan tu ayem

Lalu perjalanan dilanjutkan ke Secret Recipe, It's cake time!! Uda lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa banget ga makan cake jadi gw rada napsu.

Lalu seperti biasa, pudel uda mulai horny.... Dia mesen sejenis coffee drink yang gelas nya panjang bangettttt

Pudel perek: (pas minuman nya dateng....) WOW....

Dr. B: Astaga pud..... panjang bener

Pudel perek:kikikikkik kan aku suka nya yang panjang

Bangka tajir: Kalo gw mah suka nya yang gede...

Dr. B and the rest: (sibuk megangin dagu yang uda mo copot pas denger tu statement)

Lalu.... beberapa saat setelah tu minuman mulai 'diisep'

Dr. B: Pud, kok ga diaduk seh minuman loe?

Pudel perek: Iya nih, ga sampe.....

Ratu iblis: Kurang panjang ya pud?

Pudel perek: iya ni, ga ampe mentok.....

Bangka tajir: mending cepetan diaduk sebelum jadi kentel.... kan ga enak kalo kentel....

Dr. B: ckck..... biasa si abang diaduk seh ya bangka?