Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Song Fa


It's been ages since I wrote my last post :p Such a lazy blogger --" What's up patients? I bet life's good for all of you. After my Hongkong-Macau-Singapore trip post, I suddenly lost my will to blog.. So to apologize, let me take you the wonderful world of porky goodness

Meet Song Fa, the IT place to eat now in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Located in the Ozone Mall, just across RS PIK, Song Fa has become the new PIK sensation. Originated from Singapore, Song Fa has already had some eager foodies buzzing, having tasted them in SG I think.

The place itself has no special decor, just your ordinary casual dining place. Very generic with light wooden furniture and simple minimal design. They are very confidence with the quality of their food and they were right.

The specialty of Song Fa is Bakut Teh. I am not a huge fan of bakut teh. The tea colored pork soup is a bit to herb-y for me. Then, someone told me that Song Fa's serves a different kind of bakut teh, a peppery clear soup. I was intrigued

The bakut teh is a clear pork based soup with a very strong pepper taste. The ribs is oh so fucking yummy! Super tender although the meat is thick, no porky smell or whatsoever and you can have your refilled! I was in love... Then.. I met pork ribs sexy sister... Pork kidney. Fuck... It is even better... I tried the pork kidney and pork tenderloin combination soup. Using the same soup, this combination is deadly. The creamy kidney combined with the super tender tenderloin which literally melts in my mouth...

Not only they serve a great soup, they also serves cakwe (dough fritters) which I think is designed to be eaten with the soup and a rather salty chicken feet with bean curd. LOVE the bean curd, gives a salty sting to the rather peppery dishes.

Downside, a bit too pricey. I think spending 100-150K per pax for a dinner with soup is too expensive. BUT, since the food is good, sometimes we should splurge a little.

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Ozone Mall, Jakarta