Sunday, August 26, 2007

Center of attention

Yesterday, i went to a mall in southern jakarta with my friends. We went to a store and my friend tried a couple of clothes. A moment later, 3 young girls (probably 13-15 years old) came into the store. Oh my God.... they were so annoying!! They ran around the store, tried a lot of clothes (without buying) and laughed as if all of us were statues and the stores were theirs.
The disgusting thing started here, when my friend finished trying the clothes and we walked out, my friends told me that those teenagers were talking bout me and my other guy friend. They said that me and my friend were starring at them because we thought they were hot!
Can u imagine? They are teenagers for God's sake.... i dun think their boobs are even functional!!! We stared at them because we think they were so annoying...
I wonder, Do all women think that when someone looks at them, simply because they are beautiful?