Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lost in Jogja : All in One


How you doin guys? This is the month of Ramadhan so happy fasting for all of my moslem friends :)

Today I'd like to inspire you guys when you are travelling to Jogja. The last time I went to Jogja is around 1.5 years ago... No worries, I bet the food will be as delish as I tasted. Here we goooo

Bebek Goreng Cak Koting

A famous fried chicken and fried duck stall in Jogja. Opened till late night everyday, not to be missed! The delicate and savoury deep fried poultry, a Jogjakarta icon.

Bakmi Ketandan

A legendary chinese food joint in the chinatown area of Jogjakarta. The fried rice is to die for! Small cubes of pork scattered on a bed of fragrant, dry and savoury fried rice. Perfecto. The veggie stir fry is a pleasant homemade-style dish that makes you miss home instantly

Gudeg Pawon

A unique gudeg place that serves their gudeg late at night, in front of their kitchen (pawon). A total tongue pleaser, warm and sweet. Gudeg is sweetened jackfruit stew and Gudeg Pawon has won my heart. All of the ingredients are locally produce, cooked traditionally according to the recipe of an ex palace chef. Love love love this place

Bale Raos

Bale Raos is a restaurant serving the favorite food of the kings (sultans) of Jogjakarta. Having been imperialised by the Dutch, many dishes here has major western/dutch twist. I find the food here a bit too pretty and safe (and also touristy). To cater to the milder palate of foreign tourist, the food here are rather bland IMO.

There are still many hidden culinary gem in Jogja but unfortunately I don't have that many pics :( 

So long patients, LOVE INDONESIA!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Duel: Monolog VS One Fifteenth

It's time for another duel patients! Behold, the battle of hipster coffee shops. Actually, I don't have lots of pics about coffeeshops since I rarely visit them on daylights... Most of my pics are dark and blurry so pardon me for the limited photos :(

First is.. MONOLOG

There are 2 branches of Monolog in Jakarta, Plaza Senayan and Pondok Indah Mall. Serving good coffee, Monolog is always packed with coffee junkie from morning till midnight.

I am not and don't think will ever be a coffee expert. There is only two kinds of coffee for me, good one and bad one. I actually prefer the asian/indonesian style coffee of "kopi susu tubruk" where coarse coffee grounds is boiled with hot water and given sweet condensed milk to add the sweetness. Monolog's coffee or in this pic, cafe latte, is smoot but not velvety smooth. Balanced taste, low acidity and not too earthy.

The cheesy pastry is good, somehow I think it's a bit too sweet. I dunno whether they bake their own cakes or have some suppliers provide it for them but their cake is definitely worth trying.

I had this ox tongue fried rice in Monolog PIM 2, tastewise not good. Ugh... Seriously, don't order this ever.


1/15 is a super hip coffee shop in Gandaria area, not far from Gandaria City Mall. I've been drooling over the instagrams pics of "happening" people enjoying their coffee their --"

One day, I finally passing through the area and waste no time in finding the coffee shop. Place, chic and hip. Very instagenic. Service, a bit slow. Call me snobbish but I expect excellent, ass kissing, ego boosting kind of service when I pay that much money for coffee and cakes.

Coffee... Hmm... I'd say... Just okay (please don't kill me) Seriously, of all the places for coffee, I found 1/15 is just okay. Definitely not my fave, on par with Monolog. They have some snacks there and one of their specialty is Beau's Bombos. And... It is also just okay, nothing to brag about or worth a second order. So much for the stellar reviews :(

Well, for me... Monolog is the winner!!! Their place might not as comfy as 1/15 or as cool as 1/15 but I came to enjoy my coffee, my cakes and my me time. For that, fancy decor can't win against yummy cakes.

See you again patients :)

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Monolog - Plaza Senayan GF/ PIM Street Gallery
One Fifteenth - Jl. Gandaria I No. 63