Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Wow... Life's been too hectic guys :( I think it's been 3 months since my last post, so sorry I couldn't post any new yummy entries for you guys.. hehehe

This post is about the hip and trendy restaurant by Masterchef Indonesia Judge, Chef Arnold Poernomo. I bet all of you knows this super popular tv personality. He is indeed a great guy, at my first visit he came to our table for small chit chat. So humble despite the great success he has accomplished in such young age.

Anyway, the place is called... NOMZ

Nomz is one of the many "hits" cafes in Grand Indonesia East Mall. Located across Publik Markette, just outside Central Department Store, it is very strategic. Decor wise, i don't think it's outstanding. Not too fancy, more elegant than rugged... Casual but trendy.

On my first visit, I had their Banh Mi (Couldn't find the pics) A rather soft rendition of this vietnamese sandwich. Chef Arnold told me that instead of using baguette like the authentic bahn mi, he choose a soft roll to make it easier to be eaten. I LOVE the pork belly, melt in your mouth kind of meat, with a dash of sourness from the sauce, the heavy bread becomes somehow lighter.

On another occasion, I tried several dishes. One of them is this Mushroom Linguine...

Personally, I prefer spaghetti. Linguine is somehow too smooth and less chewable... The mushroom linguine I had at Nomz that day was... Okay.. IMO, the cream sauce is too salty. A good cream sauce needs to be creamy yet light at the same time. Seasonings have to be just right since saltiness and creaminess is not best friend. Nomz's was too salty, making the whole dish one dimensional...

Next, I tried the Curry Barramundi

I understand that Nomz is not a restaurant specializing in a certain cuisine. Like many other places nowadays, it tries to deliver a personal taste of the chef, not restricted by any boundaries. A whole new generation of fusion food. For me... fusion food is just a trend, so I never appreciate it much. This curry barramundi... has the texture of japanese curry but the taste of indian curry and the sambal of Indonesia. A deconstructed (or nicely plated indonesian style dish) curry rice where the fish is pan fried and we are supposed to put the curry ON the fish or maybe mix the rice with it (seriously I don't understand it). Sorry Chef, I'm not happy with this..\

Last is the fried squid salad

Of all the dishes I tried there, this is the best. A perfectly fried squid (no fishy smell, not chewy, no burnt taste and seasoned balancely) mixed with arugula and balsamic dressing. Refreshing, fragrant and an appetizing appetizer. LOVE it

So.. My verdict is... Well, I don't think I will be coming back (maybe for their cakes?)

Rating: 6/10

Location: Grand Indonesia East Mall GF

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