Saturday, February 28, 2015

Publik Markette

Publik Markette is one of the newest addition to Ismaya Group. As one of the leading restaurant/lifestyle business group, it is indeed the market leader (in close competition with Union group IMO in terms of quality). Not like the earlier establishments such as Sushi Groove and Pizza E Birra, Ismaya is now more focused on quality.

Meet Publik Markette, a gem in Grand Indonesia. Definitely a strong contender in the endless fab eatery in Grand Indonesia. IMO, best concept so far. Publik Markette offers casual settings to fancy food.

Take a look at the carefully decorated place, love every details. Fancy yet somehow feels homey and laid back. The food court concept is not new but Publik Markette takes it into another level. All u need to do there is show your table number (in the form of a stick on your table) and start drool around the lavish food court style showcase.

As an avid pork addict, I instantly pick the pork belly. The pork belly is served with a sort of cranberry sauce and my choice of briyani rice as a side dish. The side dish is unfortunately not included.

The pork belly is superb! Super crispy skin, tender pork belly with a tangy note from the sauce. My side dish is not exactly in perfect sync but hey, what could go wrong with rice? :) IMO, one of the best pork belly ever, totally in love!

Another dish we tried that day is the BBQ beef brisket. The brisket is also yummy! Served with the english muffin and baby potatoes, a total tummy pleaser. The melting fat from the brisket makes me went awww....

For the coffee, they serve coffees from D'Journal (another Ismaya's establishment). Not bad for certainly not good. Well, it is not the place for coffee so I don't think it matters.

My verdict, a must try and I will come again for more yummy bites. Love the ambiance, love the food but not the price tag. Main course set you around 120-150K IDR and side dish 30K IDR. Drinks are around 30-50K IDR. One thing I fond of this place is the portion of the food. It's pretty, it's yummy AND it's not ridiculously small!!!! Recommended

East Mall, Grand Indonesia 1F
Rating: 8/10

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Lost in Bangkok 2014 - Part 5 - Baan Ice

Happy February! This is the month of love and prosperity. Nothing's better to start February than mouth watering food right?

After we got back from Ancient City Samut Prakarn, we were scheduled to experience authentic souther thai food. Our guide for the day is Ms. Momo's beautiful friend *wink* I'm sorry but I don't know where the place is or what the food name is since the restaurant use thai alphabet. I only know the name of the restauran, Baan Ice. It's not on the tourist spot of Bangkok, the atmosphere resembles West Jakarta area (somewhere in between Jelambar and Tanjung Duren)

Anyway... We ended in a food coma. Southern Thai cuisine resembles Malaysian and Indonesian food. Some of them tastes exactly like home, made me miss home a bit when I had them for dinner...

Stewed Pork in Soy Sauce and Peppercorn

Stir fry prawn with chili and stinky beans

Assorted thai dips

Stir fry melinjo leaves with prawn and egg. 

The thai friend told us that this particular leaves is hard to find in thai. I had this weird feeling that I had taste this veggie. After a long and winding discusion, with the help of google, we found out that it was DAUN MELINJO. Geez...

Coconut blended juice

This is THE BOMB. Yummyfuckinglicious

Fish soup

Crab Curry

This is supposed to be the star dish but I found it.. Meh.. After the curry in Nahm, this one tastes just okay. IMO, Indonesian curry is still the best.

Rating: 7/10