Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tin Pan Alley

Back with me patients! Sekarang kayanya jadwal ngeblog sebulan sekali nih but i'll try to post more yummy food for you patients and we'll drool together *ngelap iler*

A couple weeks ago, me and mamah went to Tin Pan Alley for dinner. Nah... Secara si Tin Pan ini kan eksis nya uda lama ya, kok knapa skrg baru gw cobain... Karena.. MAHAL. Berdasarkan riset, harganya lumayan mahal jadi gw rada males gitu, takut mahal dan mengecewakan :) Tapii karena ada promo Disdus, jadi dehhhh akirnya gw makan disitu *jogedjoged*

Tempat nya lumayan asik buat nongkrong. Decor ala amrik zaman mafia 1940's gitu deh... With big leather couches and industrial look bar, pas bener dahhhh. Suasananya yang gelap gelap gimana gitu menurut gw lumayan romantis sih xixix

The food:
1 Seared Barramundi with Papaya Mango Salsa (Rp. 99.000)

I would say this one is very very close to being yummy. For me, there's something missing from this dish that makes it not yummy. Barramundi ini bisa diartikan sebagai kakap putih kali ya. Konsistensinya mirip sama snapper atau kakap merah tapi menurut gw sih lebi flaky. Gw agak ngerasa sedikit amis ya. Pas gw rasa rasain en cium cium sih engga tapi kalo lagi dikunyah tuh ada sedikit rasa amis. Yah secara ini ikan laut, gw anggep masi wajar lah...

Presentation keren abis. Barramundi cooked perfectly. Papaya mango salsa.. can do better. Buat orang Indonesia yang uda terbiasa sama tropical fruits en spices, rasa nya menurut gw cenderung bland alias hambar. Mungkin kalo salsa nya lebih nendang, perpaduan rasanya bisa mantep banget. Satu hal yang buat gw agak menganggu adalah porsinya menurut gw kurang gede. Fries nya kurang banyak (atau gw emank terlalu rakus kali ya) dan green saladnya kurang dressing. Well gitu deh, sebenernya enak tapi kurang dikit di sana sini.

2. Pork Chop with Homemade Cranberry Sauce (Rp. 105.000)

Again... Enak sih enak tapi diikiitttt lagi baru jadi yummy. Pork chop nya kurang gede menurut gw dan sedikit keras. Ada a hint of pork smell in there (and this comes from a pork addict) yang seharusnya bisa tercover oleh saus nya.

Untuk cranberry sauce... Well for me, rasanya sih unik ya tapi karena ini pork dan rasa pork yang kuat agak ga balance sama cranberry jam yang rasa nya light. Mashed potato yummy, vegetables is also yummy. Porsi... Yah kurang sih mashed potato nya, dikit benr tuh kentang nya :(

3. Garlic Bread (Rp.10.000)

Kalo mesen entree, kita bisa add on garlic bread dengan harga yang cukup murah. Garlic bread nya yummy! Garing, freshly made dan rasanya nendang. Me likey!!!

4. Apple Crumble

Too bad gw lupa harga apple crumble nya (ato apple pie ya namanya) Seinget gw sih lumayan mahal tapi blm sampe 50k. I LOVE the apple crumble!!!! Yummylicious!!!!! The best apple crumble I ever had in J town so far. Crumble nya garing garing gimanaaa gtu. Uda gitu apple nya manis trus padet. Pie crust nya juga mantep, ga ancur tp kalo digigit ga alot. Es krimnya juga enal (kayanya sih haagen dasz). A perfect ending for a near perfect dinner

Overall, gw masi rekomen sih. Untuk food need improvement. Untuk tempat uda mantep banget deh :)

Rating: 7/10
UOB Building, Jakarta

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Baked Goods

I heard about this place quite some time ago, maybe from a magazine or sthing. Knowing that this place is owned by the wife of Erwin Parengkuan, Jana, I was immediately attracted. Celebrity owned restaurant is certainly sthing fun to bitch off *evil grin*

The article mentioned that Jana is part Czech and the cakes was her grandma's recipe. Hmm... I dunno if this is only a marketing jargon but u got me there :p Soooo, one lazy afternoon, I dragged Asmet to try this place. Apparently, it is located next to Kopitiam Oey, so u know where to find it right?

The food:
1. Bublanina (Rp. 15.000)

This is my first time trying this cake. The waiter said that this is a traditional Czech Dessert. Me... Love it!! It's yummmmyyyyy. The cake's consistency is somehow soft yet chewy. It's like the bread part of a bread pudding. The chopped strawberries add sour kicks upon this sweet crumbly-moist cake :)

2. Cheese Cake (Rp. 19.500)

Yummy!! Another spot on yummy-ness. The cheese cake is light and creamy with crumbly biscuit on the base. Not too sweet and not too sour, just the right amount of everything. Such a devilish temptation and I just surrender...

3. Carrot Cake (Rp. 19.000)
Yummy!!! I'm a huge fans of heavy cake (muffin, pound cake, doughnuts, carrot cake, pie etc) The Baked Goods carrot cake is simply one of the best I had so far. The cream cheese topping makes it more irresistable.. Not too sweet with the perfect texture :) *happy happy happy*

4. Lemon Poppyseeds (Rp. 19.000)

A vanilla cake with lemon glaze on top and sprinkled poppy seed. Hmm the taste is rather unique.The cake is basically sweet but the lemon glaze is a tad to sour for my liking. BUT the sour glaze actually balances the taste and makes us rather guilt-free when devouring this cake.

5. Cocochoco

A chocolate cake with layers of chocolate cream and chocolate sponge cake. The cream will melt down after a while, leaving us with liquid oily cream. My advice, eat it right out of fridge.. A bit too buttery for me and do not eat it with chocolate drink.

6. Fruit Knedliky (Rp. 25.000)

Another Czech specialty! YUMMY!!!!! Steamed bread dumpling with strawberry filling, cream cheese and sprinkling of sugar on top. Oh my heaven... The combination of bakpau like bread, cream cheese, sour strawberry and sugar makes one of the best dessert combo of all time. It's hot, it's creamy, it's sour and sweet at the same time. *standing o*

7. Hot Cokolada

A pot of hot chocolate (real melted chocolate). A perfect pair for desserts. Drink when hot is a must since the chocolate will thicken if it's getting colder.

The place is just perfect for an afternoon tea or a late night date. Cozy place with breezy winds, total relaxation :)

ps: the price is VERY reasonable, what a bargain!

Rating: 8/10
Location: Jl. Sabang, Jakarta