Saturday, February 02, 2013

Dimana-mana Makanan

With the hectic schedule, I barely have time to relax on my bed... Lately I've posted more food pics using Instagram, Twitter and Path instead of blogging. Well, better less than nothing right? Todya I'm gonna share some food porn randomly since I'm to lazy to write a complete restaurant review :)

Nasi Pedas Bu Andika Bali (Rp. 15.000 - Rp. 25000)
Mediocre overrated super spicy nasi rames ala bali. Good deep fried intestines but honestly that doesn't help much. What's with all the hype?

Cocktails from Rock Bar, Ayana Resort Bali. (Rp. 150.000)
Overpriced but delicious cocktails!!! Awesome view but not worth the effort of coming down and climbing up, scorched till I got dehydrated by the afternoon direct sunlight (and has no intention of ordering a 70k-ish water or juice. A must try in Bali but just once, no second visit. 

Assorted fries by Rock Bar (Rp. 50.000)
Another overpriced but delicious food. The hummus dip is refreshing in the world of mayo

Mie Ayam Jamur by Pinang Sari 
Top 3 noodle in J Town. Perfect noodle consistency, subtle yet flavorfull and topnotch soup with fresh lettuce.