Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bon Chon Chicken

Holaaa patients! Today's post is about fried chicken... Yuppp! It's the Korean Franchise that everyone is talking about, Bon Chon.

I tried their outlet in Gandaria after an IMAX session with Will Smith. The one to blame for this insane craving of Bon Chon is Wadir Perek. She talks and talks and talks about how yummy Bon Chon is every single day (maybe Bon Chon hired her to become their spoke person) So finally, I gave in.

The decor is nice. Minimal design with Korean touch here and there. The light colored wooden furniture radiates a warm and cozy feel. Even though I didn't sit on a sofa but it was quite comfortable.

The food:
1. Bulgogi Wrap (Rp. 22.000)

This is Mamah's choice to support her diet -_- Hmm... IMO, the wrap is quite small. It was good but not great. The beef bulgogi is flavorful, tender but not as delish as I expected. FYI, Bon Chon campaign healthy lifestyle, so maybe they cut the salt and oil hence producing this rather bland wrap. Good for diet, no good for palate.

2. Gyoza (Rp. 16.000)

4 pcs of fried gyoza with chicken filling. The taste is dominated by garlic and the chicken is a bit too much. I want my gyoza to be chewy with small chunks of meat, not a fried skin with chicken ball filling.

3. Original Strips Small (Rp. 27.500)

4 chicken strips with original sauce. The sauce is made of fruit juice so it's rather sweet. I like the subtle sweetness of the sauce but I hate the tough chicken breast. It was dry, not hot and difficult to swallow. There is literary no fat in that strips and it was dry as dessert. No good :(

4. Spicy Wing Box + Powerpack (Rp. 42.000)

2 wings with spicy sauce, rice, drinks, 4 Bon Chon Bites and 2 Mocca Mochi. The wings are yummy!! Spicy and sweet, hot and tender. The crispy skin is sooo good. I think I can take 5 of these without any trouble :p The mochi was yummy too. Skin is thin but chewy, mocca is cream tastes good. The Bon Chon Botes is not good.... Rather cold and basically a smaller kind of chicken strips.

I don't recommend this if you are craving for fried chicken BUT if you crave chicken wings, this is one of the best.

Rating: 6.5/10
Location: Gandaria City Mall F2

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Madeleine Bistro

Hellooo patients :) I'm in the mood for writing soooo say hello to... Madeleine Bistro
Madeleine Bistro is a French Bistro located in an art gallery in Kemang. I read about this quite a while ago but hesitated because of the price (yeah yeah... it's all about the money) Then.. Suddenly Disdus is offering a huge bargain voucher of Madeleine Bistro :) Yipppeeeee, let's go mamah :)

The place is awesome! Artsy, Modern and very cozy. Lots of natural lighting from the huge windows and high ceilings, very nice decor :) The waitresses are dressed in a French maid uniform, so cute. One thing I noticed was that the waitresses must have gone a good training because they can memorize that hard-to-spell menu very fast.

The food:
1. Escargots a la Madeleine (Rp. 75.000)
Garlicky buttered snail with duxelle, chanterelle mushroom and sundried tomato tamponade. Okay... Even the description is complicated. I admit, I am clueless in terms of french cuisine. Since all the french place are pricey, I seldom go to those places. But... I 've tried escargots a couple of times and this is the best I've ever had. A bit different from the usual escargots, Madeleine Bistro's is very rich in flavor. I think it will go very well with hot steam rice :p

2. Bread Basket (Complimentary)

The sliced baguette is yummy! Soft in the inside, crunchy in the outside. Served with herb butter, perfect appetizer.

3. Lemon Sorbet (Complimentary)

Before the main course, we are given a shot of lemon sorbet. Super sour yet refreshing. This is to cleanse our taste buds in order to enjoy the main course :)

4. Filet de Boeuf au Porto (Rp. 185.000)
Yummy!!!!!! The meat resembles fillet mignon, don't know what part of a cow is that but this is one yummy dish. The beef is a bit overcooked. I asked for medium, it came medium well. The waitresses did asked whether the beef is cooked the way I want it but I didn't check it thoroughly. Besides, if it overcooked and they replaced it with a new one, it will take a long time.

Although it was overcooked, the beef was tender and flavorful. Balanced seasoning, a nice wine reduction sauce and those shallots are just amazing. Served with what seems to be potato chips, the dish is far from enough for me. Yeah the chips are beautiful but people need carbs. Who cares if the chips are carefully shaped like that.

5. Ballotine de Vollailec aux Cepes

Porcini mushroom stuffed in chicken leg served with baby carrot, baby potato and tarragon sauce. Again.. another yummy dish! I first heard of ballotine in Masterchef so this is the first time having this kind of food. The chicken was well cooked and also flavorful. The sauce is light but accentuate the meat perfectly.

6. Trio de Gateaux Madeleine (Rp. 40.000)

Three of their signature madeleine which are raspberry filling, macademia nut and chocolate madeleine served with a bread stick and chocolate sauce. Sorry to say, not that good. The texture is too coarse. The raspberry is too little. I don't know there's a raspberry in those 3 until I read the menu.

7. Chocolate Cheese Cake

I forgot the name of this dessert but it's basically chocolate cheesecake with oreo crust. Served with a shot of some weird berry jelly, it's very enticing. The bright orange jelly is a perfect match for the sweetness of the chocolate cheese cake.

8. Ghnochis Fait Masison (Rp. 85.000)

Yuck... The gnocchis are overcooked! Almost taste like eating a big "upil" Weird food....  

A great place for dating and have dinner with your loved ones

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Kemang, Jakarta

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dimana-mana Makanan

Sumpah ya, lagi malessssssssssssssssssssssss banget ngeblog. Makan-makan sih sering tapi digicam nya suka lupa dibawa. Uda gitu, kalo uda ada fotonya kadang males nulis juga hahaha

Karena alasan di atas, post kali ini dirapel aja yaaaaaaaaa, jd campur-campur deh :)

Okayyy, yang pertama adalah pisang bakar coklat keju dari drink barnya Urban Kitchen Plaza Indonesia. Seinget gw, ini bisa dipaket sama teh poci yang harga sepaket nya 20 ribu an. Rasanya.... Biasa aja sih ya. Masi enakkan kalo beli di warung pinggir jalan :p

This one is from Ya Udah Bistro... Ya Udah Bistro itu resto yang jual makanan barat di jl. Johar, Jakarta Pusat. Daera-daera jl. Jaksa gitu deh... Makanannya ala bule banget tapi harga sangat ekonomis. Menu di atas gw lupa nama nya apa yang jelas itu ada 3 pcs pork cutlet dengan ukuran yang lumayan gede disirem creamy mushroom sauce, yummy :). Side dish nya simple salad with thousand island dressing and german potato. Harganya kalo ga sala 40 ribu an, murah kannnnn. Rasa nya lumayan enak apalagi harganya murah :p Untuk side dish sih kurang ya, saladnya ga jelas banget sedangkan si german potato nya kurang seasoning. Jau bener dah dibandingin sama punya nya Paulaner (ya eyalahhhh Paulaner mahal bener gitu)

Ini adalah cajun chicken wing dari Ya Udah Bistro. Harga nya lupa kalo ga salah 20 ribuan. Yummylicious! Ayam nya di grill dengan saus yang lengket lengket dan angus dikit2, rasa nya pedes en gurih. Catet, pedes! Gede, murah, enak!!!!!

Ini Pork Wienerschnitzel dari Ya Udah Bistro, again harganya sekitar 40 ribu an. Untuk schinitzel nya sih yummy ya tapi kok kurang rame? Itu gw pilih pake hash brown (yang hasilnya kaya rosti bukan kaya hash brown) en saladnya seperti biasa ga niat. Tapi untuk daging nya sih yummy :) What can I say? I'm addicted to pork.

Kedua kue diatas adalah kue dari Hongkong Cafe Sarinah dan 2 2 nya kaga enak. Yang merah itu red velvet dan yang ijo green tea cake. Sponge cake nya terlalu padet, frosting nya kaga enak en serutan kelapa di atas red velvet nya is such a huge turn off. Emank price don't lie ya, tu kue harganya sepotong ga sampe 20 ribu, diskon pula 30% karena gw makannya malem -_______-"

Untuk yang terakhir, ini adalah pizza dari Pan and Barrel, Pantai Indah Kapuk. Harganya sekitar 50 ribu dengan rasa yang lumayan. Tempat ini adalah one of the first in PIK. Untuk nongkrong sih enak banget lah.. Makanannya juga not bad but that's it. Kalo buat wisata kuliner, gw sih belom menemukan yang bener bener mantap di PIK. Ada beberapa yang stand out, mungkin besok besok gw baru kasi full report ya :)

Anyway, see ya patientssss. Take a good care of yourself by indulging into sinfully delicious bites :)