Monday, September 12, 2016

The Duel - Crematology VS Tanamera Coffee VS St. Ali

Let's have another duel!!! Or in this post, maybe a menage a trois ....

Coffee, especially hipster coffee shops are still one of Jakarta Foos Scene trending topics. Started in the southern part of Jakarta, nowadays it's been spreading to the suburbs of Jakarta. I am not a coffee geek, I don't understand how to describe coffee note or taste, whether it is fruity or nutty, hell I don't get it when a coffee geek said that this cup of coffee has medium acidity with chocolate note at the end (are we still talking bout coffee? Or chocolate?)

Well what I know is whether it is good or bad. period. Please don't kill me

Now, The first one is St. Ali

St. Ali is a famous coffee shop in Melbourne (maybe the place where all this coffee hype is coming from) Finally opened it's first outlet in Jakarta a couple of months ago, this place is flocked by Jakarta's A listers and coffee geeks.

I haven't visited this place for a very long time (aside from repeated visits to Tanamera, I rarely come twice to the same coffee shops) so I don't know if it's still opened only until around 6 PM. Weird huh?

The place is typical hipster coffee shops, bricks and woods, black and white dominated decor, bright white walls with the coffee bar as the main attraction. Simple small flower vase as the table centerpiece and that's it. Met a couple of celebs when I went there, lots of southern Jakarta crowds and less of those engkoh2 encik2 flocking the PIK/MK area coffee shops.

Coffee... Well it was nice and somehow similar to Common Grounds. The coffee is mild and mellow with a crisp aftertaste and a light nutty end. (I googled "how to describe coffee" before I wrote this) I like it!

I haven't had the chance to try the food. FYI, the food is expensive... Why do u guys have to sell expensive food on a place to enjoy coffee, come on...

Next! Crematology

Crematology is a household name. It's a very popular local coffee joint where many many coffee geeks come and grab a cup of coffee. The place is very cozy, a bit dark and masculine with all the heavy wooden furniture. The place has the exact opposite feel to St. Ali. If St Ali is a chic city girl, then crematology is your next door beautiful neighbour.

Crematology serves a nice coffee and great selections of foods. The coffee is not a crisp as St. Ali.. The coffee is has lower acidity and also has a burnt taste to it. Tried some of their snacks and toast, all is good. A great place to chill after a long day at work.

Last but not least... Tanamera Coffee!

I fell in love with this place since it first outlet in the middle of thamrin city. A small place that serves my favorite coffee in town. Well quality never fails and I heard they will open their next outlet in PIK, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their coffee is greattt, it just feels right. Medium body, bold flavor, chocolaty note and smooth as sin. The food, nothing disappoints (tried several of their cakes) service is good, casual but get you everything you need. The instagrammable red cup doesn't hurt too

Verdict: Out of the 3 places I mention earlier, Crematology and Tanamera are the only coffee shops which I made repeated visits to. all of them serves good coffee but my personal fave is Tanamera Coffee