Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost in Bandung 2015 - Part 1


Let's cut the story short and go straight to yummy world! On this post I'd like to share some of Bandung's best culinary gems. Since my high school days, Bandung has always been THE place to go to when holiday comes. Although it is only a 2 hours trip from Jakarta, everytime I touch down at Bandung, my mind instantly relax and I got taken away by the laid back Bandung atmosphere. Not to mention, Bandung has many yummy places to enjoy. From street food to high end restaurants, cute coffee shops or romantic hillside restaurant, Bandung got it all.

Now let me take you for a ride through Bandung culinary gems

Roast Chicken by Burgundy

Burgundy is a high end restaurant in Jl Maribaya, Lembang. Located in a small hill, Burgundy is a very nice and romantic place to dine. The vintage main building, cool breeze and natural surroundings is more than enough reason to go here. The food.. Well... I don't think it's great but not disappointing. Price is on the high side so prepare your wallet patients.

Dorokdok and Yamin by Bakmi Maman

A street food specializing in Dorokdok and Yamin in Gardujati area. Noodles and the turnip based soup is the perfect dish in a cool Bandung night.

Nasi Campur Kelenteng

A mediocre and forgetable pork mixed rice in Jl Kelenteng. I think I tried the wrong Nasi Campur since after I finished eating there, I found a way more crowded place not far from this place.  

Nasi Bancakan - Jl Trunojoyo

A place to experience affordable and authentic sundanese cuisine. I am never a fan of sundanese food. I found them bland and not too appetizing. Bancakan offers a rather bold sundanese food on a buffet style setting in a big house that somehow gives a feel of village ambiance. The food are worth to try, grab the black squid thingy, yum!