Sunday, April 12, 2015

Noodle Diary - Part 1

This new series will be about noodle. Yes patients, noodle. Over the years, I've found noodle to be THE BEST breakfast food ever. Some would say toast, some would say omellete, some would even say muesli (yeah right.. healthy yes, best breakfast NO). For me, noodle is my achilles heel.

Less talking more food, meet Bakmi Pancoran.

The truth is I don't know the name of the noodle --" Here's how to find this noodle stall. From Angke or Pasar Pagi area, go straight to Pancoran. After passing the pasar pagi lama area, you'll meet an intersection, go left. Around 500 m, look to your left, across the small river you'll find a noodle stall (not far from a small bridge). There's the place.

The place is a small stall, with some chairs and tables at the end of the alley. Place is crowded, a sign of yummyness. Order the boiled chicken a.k.a pek cam ke. A traditional chinese dish that looks very humble but can blow your mind. The noodle is a crossbreed between "mie karet" and "mie bangka" a bit thick but not as chewy as the usual "mie karet" The noodle is oily and fragrant, yummmm :) Last, the price is oh so cheap. Around 13K for a bowl of noodle, what a bargain!

Next... Bakmi Lily

I know there's a lot of noodle stall called bakmi Lily in Jakarta. This one is located in Mangga Besar area. Turn right at the small alley between a fruit store and a restaurant complex across Rumah Sakit Husada, it's 100 M on the left.

The noodle is the smooth type with rather sweet chicken, pork and mushroom topping. The type of noodle thats a bit dark and wet. I love the taste of the mushroom and chicken topping but sometimes the noodle is too soggy, esp in the afternood when too many noodle has been boiled.

Other than the noodle, Bakmi Lily serves locupan!!! Yummmmm!!! Not all noodle place have locupan in their menu. Bakmi Lily's style matches the characteristic of the rice flour locupan perfectly.

That's all for now patients, see you around :)

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Taste Paradise

Today's blog is about... DIMSUM

Yes patients, the little cute addictive devils :p I HEART DIMSUM!!!! U can have em as breakfast or lunch (or even dinner if you're in the mood) When I was a kid, there's not that many dimsum places like nowadays. I remember the IT place for dimsum is Shangrila Restaurant at Pasar Baru area, any of you know this place?

Taste Paradise is a member of Paradise Group, a successful chinese food restaurant brand that has expanded to Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and London. From Singapore, this brand consistently delivers great and modern chinese food without losing its authenticity. Taste Paradise is the high-end line of the restaurant group. Their Plaza Indonesia outlet is the first one opened outside Singapore.

I LOVE the place! Amazing grandeur over the top decor, very royal-ish. The service is impaccable, one of the best in Jakarta, in a chinese restaurant where usually service comes in second.

The dimsum spread is not that innovative, they stick to the classic with some modern touches. What I love about their dimsum is that they are simple (not some over the top weird tasting dimsum) with high quality ingredients which tastes really really good.

My fave of the brunch: Baked Chasiu Pao

 Simple looking fried rice, taste amazing

The price tag is quite steep, brunch for 5 cost us around 1 million IDR. Anyway, worth every penny!!! My top 3 for dimsum in Jakarta.

See u again patients, keep on munching :)

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Rate: 8.5/10
Location: Plaza Indonesia 5F