Saturday, September 11, 2010


Liburan kali ini dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya untuk makan-makan!!!!!!!!! :)

Venue yang dipilih untuk catching up sama temen gw si Nakal en Ratu Lebah adalah Paulaner di Grand Indonesia. This place has gotten a lot of buzz lately, thanks to it's beer. Paulaner has a micro brewery so they brew their own beer. BUT since I went there on Ramadhan, they didn't brew :( --> A reason to come back :p

The place is very 'macho' With wooden custom made chairs and tables, brick walls and warehouse like ceiling, this place is kinda cool. Just like those bars u see in movies. The beer tanks located behind the bar gives Paulaner a rugged vibe. A totally different atmosphere from Social House above, especially with the bavarian look waiter and waitresses :p

The food:
1. Bread Basket (Rp. 18.000)

4 european breads served on a small cutting board with ONE small pack of Elle & Vire butter. I think it's quite disappointing. First of all, a slice of german sourdough, mini super hard pretzel, a small butter roll and i dunno what that brownish bread can only fed maybe two persons. Usually, bread basket in a place like this is given as compliments. Since we have to pay for it, we deserve something more. Oh and that small pack of butter, come on....

2. Pork Platter (Around 200k)

When it came, I was kinda shocked. The portion is HUGE! I know it was meant for 2 people but I think it can feed 3 people. There are 2 kinds of pork knuckle, the crispy one and boiled one. I prefer the boiled one but my friends prefer the crispy one. They're both yummy!! Next, a pan fried meatloaf, YUMMY! 3 kinds of pork sausages. The sausages were ok but nothing outstanding. Last, 2 pieces of smoked pork, i don't like it, too chewy. With saurkraut and mashed potato on the side, this is one fulfilling dish... I think the saurkraut is nice, not too sour. The mashed potato in the other needs improvement.

3. Hunter Escalope (Around 80k)

A pork schnitzel served with mushroom gravy/ragout and potatoes. 2 large pieces of breaded pork, deep fried perfectly :) I always love this kind of food hehe The gravy is a bit coconut-y. A bit sweet, something I didn't expect from a german dish. Although the schnitzel is just ok, the potatoes are awesome! Thin sliced baby potatoes stir fried with bacon and some herbs, divine. LOVE it

As a pork lover, this place is like heaven. The food is not superb but still above average. Where else u can get this kind of food in Jakarta? Die Stube? I still prefer this one. The price of drinks are outrageous!!! The cheapest is a 40/45k soft drink!!! Geez..... I know that the food is not that expensive, around 80k++ for one person meal so maybe they try to gain profit from the drinks. It doesn't justify the super expensive drinks

Rating: 7/10
Location: Grand Indonesia, East Mall. Next to Kempi Deli


  1. Wah, tatakan gelasnya bagus. Aku koleksi lho tatakan gelas yg unik2 :)

    The pork platter.. ow boy, it's 'gemah ripah loh jinawi' :P

  2. huahahahhahaha cobain jie! pulang dari sono berasa haram sekujur badan

  3. GOSH! gw uda ngidam2 makan d sini dr lama. tp blm sempet2. ada aja halangan. skrg beneran ngiler! ><

  4. waaa sosisnya bikin ngeces...
    sosis disini gak ada yang bisa seenak sosis indo!

  5. @sara: buruan, kayanya skrg beer nya uda ada lagi deh. jadi pengen hehe

    @arman: wew!! gw pikir soal sosis sosisan di luar negri lebi ok.. Susa cari pork sausage disini

  6. nah yg macho banget beer ama daging2 . hu22 boleh juga nih .
    gilee tuh pork platter , bener kata lo deh sepiring bertiga aja .
    si Arman mah biasa sosis doyanan dia Sosis ayam Fiesta .. skrg g ketularan dia ha22 tadi pagi goreng 3 biji plus sunnysideup sebiji enakk

  7. gw juga suka tuh sosis ayam fiesta!!!! enak yaaaa hahahaha

  8. gua merasa sosis2 disini selalu terlalu asin buat gua.... mungkin lidah gua emang masih lidah indo ya. hahaha

    nah kan semua pada suka kan sosis ayam fiesta!!! ah gua jadi kangen ama sosis fiesta.. haha.

    ven, masih suka beli solina gak? nyokap gua bilang belakangan katanya solina udah gak seenak dulu ya?

  9. blum nemu yg ga enak emg dr menu2 di paul, trutama sausage n mashed potato nya bkin nagihhhh.. aplg ini resto pinter yah,nyediain beer, bkin tmbh laperrrr..mana antrean suka panjang :(
    kcuali side dish potato salad nya gw brasa aneh,krn sauce nya kecut2 gitu...

    klo suka sausage platter,cobain yg di minus2(fx) itu jg enakkkk bgt sausage nya bi!

  10. @melisaleecious: minus2 ya? itu kan banyak beer nya gitu? gw perna dikasi tau juga dulu hehe ok ntar dicoba! :)

  11. The most eccentric about paulaner that really kick my taste bud is just the beer... Others not!!!