Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Memory

Hari ini tanggal 31 Desember 2008, the last day of 2008....

Ga tau napa, i got the urge to write something. Setelah gw pikir pikir, i'll make a review of this amazing year :D

Amazing? Knapa? Jawaban nya adalah..... karena di taon ini, smua keinginan gw terpenuhi hehehe Gw ga bilang resolusi (it's such a big word) jadi gw lebi suka bilang 'keinginan'.

1. Gw mau lulus sarjana di tahun ini --> walopun ada sedikit hambatan di tengah tahun tapi pada akhir nya gw berhasil lulus.... hehe

2. Gw berhasil mencapai target income --> yah... as u all know, pekerjaan gw tidak memiliki jenjang karir yang jelas (ga ada ya yang namanya guru les senior ato manager galaksi) jadi keberhasilan gw ditentukan dari besar nya income yang gw dapat. I hav to admit, this year, my income has multiplied in a way i've never imagined hahahaha secara pas gw mulai jadi guru les target income gw cuma 1 juta..... mana gw tau kalo ternyata hari ini, sekian tahun dari waktu itu, income gw bisa mencapai angka yang cukup signifikan :)

3. I finally can get over with some issues.... Yah issues nya apa, u guys can keep guessing lah, inti nya i'm relieved......

4. Lalu, i think i've matured a little more (still not mature enough seh sayang nya.....) Yah mudah mudahan di taon depan, i can be a better person... Need a lot of help from u guys :)

5. Berat badan tidak bertambah!!! hehe....

6. Hal hal lain yang tidak dapat disebutkan disini........ YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Intinya, i think 2008 is one of the best year ever :D

Sesi berikut nya adalah.... permintaan maaf. I know I can be such an ass.... For that, i'd like to apologize... Buat smua orang yang namanya perna gw sebut di blog ini (dalam keadaan susa maupun senang) Bukan maksud gw buat menghina ato menyudutkan orang lain. I'm just expressing what i felt at the moment... This is my venting place, if i hurt anyone's feeling with this blog, i sincerely apologize....

Buat smua murid murid gw yang perna gw cerca di blog ini.... Hmm i'm really sorry if i hurt ur feelings. Please know dat if I yell a lot, that's because i care.... Trust me on this one :)

Sesi terakhir adalah target...... Hmm for the first time in years, i'm really satisfied with my life. I don hav any kind of target for the next year. Just living my life to the fullest and do the best for my study :)

Last but not least..... THANKS GUYSSS -You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!-

LETS HAVE SOME PARTEHHHHHH TONITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Thanks Dr. A!!!!!!!!!!!! This entry is dedicated to Dr. A (the one handling the exceptional bill....) Hope u graduate next year at then we'll celebrate at Nobu :p

Rosso, the italian resto of Shangri-la Jakarta, is one of Jakarta's best resto. Decorated in red, this resto is classy yet cozy (After all, Rp. 288.000 ++ can give u coziness anytime anywhere....). A perfect spot to have dinner or in our case Sunday Brunch...... Yum Yum Yum

I don't think I can describe every single food I ate there (It's a buffet after all....) but I'll try to cover the must-eat :D

1. Beef Carpaccio --> Thin sliced raw beef, yummy!

2. Smoked salmon --> I have a chronic weaknees of salmon

3. Pasta station
A) Beef ravioli with black truffle sauce --> Oh my god..... YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B) Turkey ravioli with black truffle sauce --> YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

4. Seafood Bar
A) Fresh Oyster --> YUMMY-FUCKING-LICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ratu Lebah almost had multiple O when she ate these... (FYI she ate half a dozen of giant oysters...)

B) Lobster --> YUMMY!!!! Put some thousand island, YUMMIER

C) Crab Claw --> It's huge!! Crabalicious....

5. Main Course
A) Grilled Tenderloin with Zucchini --> YUMMY!!!!!

B) Grilled Chicken --> It's good, very tender and marinated perfectly

C) Osso Buco --> Huge portion and Yummy!

D) Seafood Rissoto --> I never like risotto... but this one is actually nice

6. Dessert
A) Tiramisu --> Yummy but not exceptional (This is Ibu Duit's O material.....)

B) Raspberry and Mango Panna cota --> YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C) Lime Cheesecake and Chocolate brownies --> They should do better in this department

D) Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate --> YUMMY!!!

E) Pistachio Tart with Strawberry --> Unique but nothing special

F) Hazelnut mousse with caramel crunch --> YUMMY-FUCKING-LICIOUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best dessert ever......... The food of the Gods....

Location: Shangri-la Jakarta

Rating: 9/10

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Night at Buddha Bar + Blowfish

Kemaren malem adalah kulminasi dari aktivitas socializing minggu ini.... (puter puter puter en ujung ujung nya di Blowfish...) Blowfish oke banget kmaren, tumben..... biasa nya suka ga jelas gtu ato gw uda kebanyakan minum ya? hahahahaha anyway.... kata orang bijak, a picture worths more than a thousand words so gw ngikutin kata orang bijak aja de :p


A very authentic japanese resto...... It's kinda old actually (maybe from the 90's?) but the food is very good. Very japan!! Lots of japanese expatriates eat there, maybe because it's located in a building with japanese tenants. Huge portion in a very affordable price

The food:
1. Tonkatsu Teishoku Set (Rp. 60.000)
A giant tonkatsu with steam rice, miso, pickle and salad. Yummy!!!! It's thick but crispy.... Love the pork...

2. Two in One -Butakakuni Don and Niku Udon- (Rp. 58.000)
Two small portion of two different dish. (When i said small, I meant standard portion) Yummy!!! The Butakakuni Don tastes like my mom's babi kecap and the niku udon is a bit different than the ones i tried before. The soup of the udon is rather salty instead of 'gurih'. The beef slices is not as tender as Kiyadon's but it's quite good.

3. Gindara Teriyaki Set (Rp. 53.000)
Again.... Giant size gindara teriyaki + Giant size rice.... Standard...

4. Oden Moriawase (Rp. 37.000)
This is my first Oden :D I think it's a kind of shabu shabu... A bit sweet like 'semur'. In the oden, there were daikon (Raddish), Giant Chikuwa Roll, an egg, a tofu and a kind of meatball i guess... Good..

5. Two in One -Shake Zuke Don and Cha Soba- (Rp. 58.000)
Standard issue Cha Soba... I didn't try the shake zuke :(

6. Shake Nigirizushi (Rp. 60.000)
Pricey!!! Standard issue salmon sushi, i can get the same quality at Sushi Tei for half the price

Gonna come back for more.... The food is not like modern jap resto, feels like homemade food.... Plus, u have to take off ur shoes before u go in, unique right? :D

Complimentary Orange Ice Cream

Location: Kyoei Prince Building, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 3

Rating 7.8/10

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Social House

Jakarta's latest IT spot! Located in Grand Indonesia, this resto/wine bar offers an incredible view of Bundaran HI. This place is packed with J Town's social climbers and social butterflies plus..... Jakarta's dearest :p

The food:
1. BBQ Baby Chicken (Rp. 65.000)
Basically it's a roasted chicken (ayam bakar), I know it's quite scary to eat a chick but it tastes good...... I forget the description of the food and I can't decipher the herbs from Indonesian food but I guarantee that this dish is satisfying.

2. Ossobuco Veal with Risotto (Rp. 130.000)
The veal --> Nice... The risotto.... Eww.... It's like eating baby's food.. I don't like it although my friend thought it's quite good

3. Organic Roasted Chicken (Rp. 75.000)
Half chicken roasted into perfection. This food has that smokey/burnt taste (I love it..) Although it looks weird, this is quite good.

4. Potato Tortilla (Rp. 45.000)
It's a tapas but it's one huge tapas..... It's quite good although after eating one, i feel like eating a padang resto's telor dadar

5. Apple and Pecan Gallete (Rp. 35.000)
Yummy!!!! Yummy!!!! Yummy!!!! Love the crust, love the apple, love the fucking dessert!

6. Chocolate Warm Cake (Rp 45.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!! It's in a small bowl so it's like eating a bowl of melted chocolate, not too sweet and no too bitter. The outer layer texture is perfect! And... a little surprise... They put blueberries (i guess...) at the bottom of the bowl. So when u reach the bottom of the bowl, u got berries covered in melted chocolate! Yum yum.....

With an extensive collection of wine, this is the perfect spot to hang out and escape from the madness of Jakarta...

Location: Harvey Nichols at Grand Indonesia East Mall

Rating 8.6/10

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Single Ladies Video

Cork and Screw

One of Jakarta's IT Spot, a place for all social butterflies to hang out and 'mengeksiskan' diri.... :p This one is in Plaza Indonesia, according to JEK, the one in Kuningan is better... I think the one in PI is too casual but that doesn't stop those social butterflies to come. After a long waiting list, We ended up sitting in high chairs which were very very uncomfortable..... Lots of Wine! After all it's a wine bar....

1. Moscato Spumante (Rp. 417.000)
According to Dr. A this one is supposed to be a dessert wine. Since I know nothing about wine..... I leave the wine picking part to him. It's good!! Not too dry.... and kinda sweet... Goes very well with the chocolate cake I ordered

2. Dark Chocolate Cake (Rp. 35.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No further comment.....

It's a nice place to have a quality dinner with friends and families. Definitely gonna come back for more wine and that lovely table in front of Bunderan HI!!!

Location: Plaza Indonesia 1 F

Rating 8/10


A chinese food resto at the top of PI, claiming to be a 'pinggiran' chinese food. Very very small for a restaurant, it's like eating at a traditional market....

The food
1. Lotus Root Soup (Rp. 40.000/M)
Medium sized soup can be divided into 4 bowls, quite yummy. The lotus root is overcooked but the soup is very good....

2. Ox Tongue (Rp. 50.000)
Standard issue ox tongue, nothing special, not even better than hawker style sekba... Very small portion!

3. Beggar Tofu (Rp. 30.000)
Silk tofu in somekind of oyster sauce? Standard.... Standard....

4. Samsui Chicken a.k.a Ayam Pek Cam Ke
Yummy!!!! The best dish of the night..... The chicken is very tender and the garlic/ginger sauce is delicious!!!

5. Po Chai with Enoki (Rp. 30.000)

Overall, it's a nice resto but pick carefully... I think the soup is very good but the rest.... :(

Location: Plaza Indonesia
Rating: 6.7/10

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Aglio Olio with Bacon, Mushroom and Chicken Katsu

Quote of The Day

Jo says:
kado jek

Jo says:
kemaren tuh sempet mikir mau beli dompet

Jo says:
trus liat2 di guess..jelek2

Jo says:
baju-kemeja gue uda bosen beliinnya

*unicef Babi says:

Jo says:
klo kata my alter ego sih ...suru beli lingerie ala sexy-naught-not-bitchy xmas season..

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||| 58%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||| 42%
Type 3 Image Focus |||||||||||||||| 70%
Type 4 Hypersensitivity |||||||||||| 47%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||| 48%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||| 62%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||| 48%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||||||| 67%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||| 54%
Your main type is 3
Your variant is sexual
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

Dallas Roadhouse

Before I met Dr. A, I went to have dinner with Ratu Iblis and Pudel Perek.... Thanks to Ratu Iblis secret evil plan to drag me to Dallas Roadhouse (because of a very unimportant reason "soal nya resto nya JT juga kaya gini B model nya"), I spent more than I intended. When we talked about having dinner, I thought maybe Kuotie Pluit but in the end.... *sigh....

The Food
1. Chicken and Ribs Combo (Rp. 175.000)
A quarter of chicken and half of Baby Back Ribs.... The BBQ sauce of the ribs is tangy (too tangy I think....) but it's quite good. The chicken is not bad but not big enough to share... The mashed potato is yummy but I still prefer Chili's.

2. Mushroom Prime Rib (Rp. 185.000)
Yummy!!! The Rib Eye is quite big and tender... It's marinated to perfection. The mushroom sauce is okay but nothing special and I could use more mushrooms (They are yummy!) The french fries is okay but the vegetables.... oh my God... Can't they put at least salt?

Overall, the food is good but not great. A perfect spot for a pre-party session before X2 :p The decor is very american although the music playing is Dragosta Din Tei (WTF man!!!)

Ratu Iblis and Pudel Perek in food deprived mode

Ps: Buy 1 get 1 with BCA (Yippeeee!!!) 25% disc of alcoholic beverages on weekend (Yay!!!)

Location: Plaza Senayan Square (Arcadia) X111-X112

Rating 7.5/10

Friday, December 19, 2008


This afternoon, i went to FX with Ratu Iblis and Ciwalit... We went there not to try this resto but Ratu Iblis has mentioned this resto more than 10 times I guess (The owner's GF is her competitor with a baby benz.... Girls.... Can't stand any kind of competition) Since I like pancake, I was interested so we end up eating at this resto

The food
1. Chicken Schnitzel (Rp. 55.000)
2 original pancakes with a kind of Rolled Fried Chicken.... STD.... It's good but nothing special

2. Choco Roll (Rp. 35.000)
Yummy!! 2 rolled pannekoek filled with peanut butter and chocolate, with chocolate ice cream. Tastes like crepes but stickier and very sweet. Very recommended for peanut and choco lover

3. Gourmet O-Double (Rp. 55.000)
As u can see in the picture..... Lots of stuffs there... :D The pancake is mozzarela pancake, way yummier than original!!! Yummy!!!!

The texture of the pancake is better than pancious, the savoury pancake is so much better than pancious.... I still have to order the original pancake to know how good the sweet pancake taste...

Definitely gonna come back for more..... Gosh... Can we OD on pancake?

Location: FX F1 No 08-09

Rating 7.5/10