Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ikkudo Ichi

Ikkudo Ichi is the IT Ramen restaurant right now. 2012 is a very good year for ramen. Aside from the old contender like Ramen 38, now we have the elegant Marutama Ramen, the rich Hakata Ikkousha, the premium Hokkaido Santouka and now, the trendy Ikkudo Ichi.

Heard about this place from twitter and when I passed through this place on a breezy sunday afternoon, I yelled in excitement. Soo... This is THE Ikkudo Ichi looks like. The place is divided into air-conditioned and outdoor area. Opted for the open air area, we sat on this wooden chair, just like the Japs we saw in movies. PIK area is perfect for outdoor seating, windy and not too crowded (except for Saturday night when It turns into a massive parking ground). The place is still new, Japanese themed decor with Indonesian waiters (which I found quite funny) and a Chinese guy lurking around us doing God knows what.

The food:
1. Ikkudo's Tori Kara (Rp. 39.800)
Chicken ramen with Ikkudo's special red sauce. Okay... Presentation wise, it's not bad. Maybe I had too much ramen since now I think all ramen looks the same. For me, the ramen is just okay. The broth is not as rich as Hakata but bolder than Marutama. I didn't taste the meat but my auntie said it's okay. The condiment is Indonesian standard, sambal and garlic. The egg is a bit overcooked but still acceptable.

2. Ikkudo's Buta Kara (Rp. 39.800)

Identical with the previous but with pork. The pork is also good, no smell and quite tender. Again, the broth is the problem. I don't know how to describe this but Ikkudo's broth is somewhere in between Marutama and Hakata. That is what confused me. The ramen is good, cooked perfectly and got two optionn, straight and curly. I always pick the curly one since the straight one tastes weird with soup.

3. Yaki Buta Gyoza Ebi Iri (Rp 35.000)

The gyoza is good. Thin skin and juicy fillings, a perfect appetizer and a great side dish too.

4. Mini Chasiu Don (Rp. 10.800)

A bowl of rice topped with minced pork meat. Again, this dish is very similar with the other ramen places. I think you can't do much with a dish as simple as this one. A nice add on if you are not full from ramen.

For me, Hakata Ikkousha is still the reigning champion of ramen war. Marutama comes close in second (although it's because their super yummy nabe). Ikkudo is definitely worth a try. Nice place to hang out and enjoy a bowl of quality ramen.

 Mom - Auntie Foing

Rating: 7/10
Location: PIK


  1. Baru tadi siang nyobain Ikkudo Ichi ini, & gw setuju rasa kuah ramennya (kaldunya) not meaty(porky) enough. :)

  2. Habis baca review elu, gue jadi mikir.. kenapa orang sampe antri-antri begitu... Kemaren ini ponakan gue sampe ngamuk2 lantaran dia udah kelaparan, dan emaknya rada ngotot pengen coba padahal waiting timenya di atas 30 menit hahahaha... Hakkata Ikkousha gue belom coba (mpe sekarang hahahah), tapi so far menurut gue dr yg udah pernah dicoba, Marutama juaranya.

  3. Wow, nice pictures! Too bad it's so far from my house, but will definitely try when I get chance, thanks for the review! :D

  4. @pinkcherry; thank you :)

    @leony: coba donkkkk... iya gw juga bingung, kok bisa kaya begitu. Lumayan sih (dan murah pula) tapi kalo gw disuru ngantri sih kamsia

    @jenz: betul betul betullll

  5. Hello dr. B! Nice review of Ikkudo Ichi. Btw, can I borrow this picture describing the long queue @Ikkudo Ichi?

  6. Ate this once, i don't think it's that good.. I prefer hakata ikkousha.. have u ever tried santouka? I loveeee Santouka.. tp ada beberapa org yg ga demen santouka tp bilang ikkudo enak.. i guess different people have different preference..

  7. iyaaaaaaa, biasa aja menurut gw. second visit gw coba sliced grilled pork nya dan itu sinfully delicious. for the ramen, hakata ikkousha is my fave up till now

    santouka uda perna, itu juga biasa aja. milder broth tapi gw ga suka tekstur mie nye..... try the pork cheek kalo di santouka, very recommended