Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bon Chon Chicken

Holaaa patients! Today's post is about fried chicken... Yuppp! It's the Korean Franchise that everyone is talking about, Bon Chon.

I tried their outlet in Gandaria after an IMAX session with Will Smith. The one to blame for this insane craving of Bon Chon is Wadir Perek. She talks and talks and talks about how yummy Bon Chon is every single day (maybe Bon Chon hired her to become their spoke person) So finally, I gave in.

The decor is nice. Minimal design with Korean touch here and there. The light colored wooden furniture radiates a warm and cozy feel. Even though I didn't sit on a sofa but it was quite comfortable.

The food:
1. Bulgogi Wrap (Rp. 22.000)

This is Mamah's choice to support her diet -_- Hmm... IMO, the wrap is quite small. It was good but not great. The beef bulgogi is flavorful, tender but not as delish as I expected. FYI, Bon Chon campaign healthy lifestyle, so maybe they cut the salt and oil hence producing this rather bland wrap. Good for diet, no good for palate.

2. Gyoza (Rp. 16.000)

4 pcs of fried gyoza with chicken filling. The taste is dominated by garlic and the chicken is a bit too much. I want my gyoza to be chewy with small chunks of meat, not a fried skin with chicken ball filling.

3. Original Strips Small (Rp. 27.500)

4 chicken strips with original sauce. The sauce is made of fruit juice so it's rather sweet. I like the subtle sweetness of the sauce but I hate the tough chicken breast. It was dry, not hot and difficult to swallow. There is literary no fat in that strips and it was dry as dessert. No good :(

4. Spicy Wing Box + Powerpack (Rp. 42.000)

2 wings with spicy sauce, rice, drinks, 4 Bon Chon Bites and 2 Mocca Mochi. The wings are yummy!! Spicy and sweet, hot and tender. The crispy skin is sooo good. I think I can take 5 of these without any trouble :p The mochi was yummy too. Skin is thin but chewy, mocca is cream tastes good. The Bon Chon Botes is not good.... Rather cold and basically a smaller kind of chicken strips.

I don't recommend this if you are craving for fried chicken BUT if you crave chicken wings, this is one of the best.

Rating: 6.5/10
Location: Gandaria City Mall F2


  1. udah pernah cobain Omo! Chicken lom? kan mirip2 tuh.. menurut g kedua brand ini enak sih ayam na, pitshu ga suka mesen menu lain, biasanya mesen wing/drum doank ^^ yang rasanya original atau soya yang manis, klo di Omo!Chicken ada 3 rasa, soya (manis), tomato, dan spicy ^^, klo belom coba, mesti coba ^^

  2. waah saya juga nyoba bon chon waktu nonton MIB di Imax gan cit ^^. Suka dengan ayam goreng yang dilapis semacam karamel pedas manis-nya, di luar crunchy dan di dalam dagingnya lembut. Sayang daging chicken stripnya kering banget >.<.

  3. cobain mochi eskrimnya deh, enak banjett hahahha

  4. @pitshu: iya nih yg omo blom nyoba, ntar mau nyobain ahhh. enakan yg mana pit?

    @nina: iyaaaaa, kering banget ya, ampe susah nelennya

    @rita: abis ini bikin sendiri yaaaaa, trus bagi bagi resepnya :p

    @julia: bener benerr :) rasa apa ya yang paling enak

  5. mayan mahal ya pdhal cmn dapet dikit..