Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lost in Hongkong: Part 5

Day 3 in Hongkong!!!! Hello again patients, back to my Hongkong trip! Today's itinerary Disneylandddd, the happiest place on earth. Woohooooo
I didn't take pics of my breakfast that day :(

This is a chasiu steamed bun from a small stall near hotel. It was a perfect snack on a windy morning, yummyyyy

So let's jump to our first destination, Chi Lin Nunnery. From Yau Ma Tei MTR, take the green line and go to Diamond Hill Station. The Nunnery is just across the MTR exit (Hollywood Mall). To get to Chi Lin Nunnery, we went to Nan Lian Garden. Nan Lian Garden is a man made garden, manicured very beautifuly, it's like hidden paradise in Hongkong's concrete jungle. We walked around the garden and then go the Nunnery.

Chilin Nunnery is one of the biggest and historical temple in Hongkong. The location is at the mouth of a mountain, making it some sort of "gate" to the mountain. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! The ambiance is serene, mystical yet very comforting. I love love love temples...

We got back to Hollywood Mall and grab McD for lunch. Here it goes...

Wings Combo

Double Cheeseburger

I would say that the McD lunch is satisfactory. I like trying fast food places abroad. The taste is somehow different from Indonesia's fast food. The wings are good but a little bit expensive but everything is more expensive here right?

After lunch, we take a stroll at the mall and then went straight to Disneyland!!!!! 

To go to Disneyland, take the red line and then switch to yellow line at Lai King Station. From there, take the yellow line and switch to Disney Line at Sunny Bay Station. From there, there will be a special train to take you to Disneyland.

Disneyland was AWESOME!!! It is literally the dream of any children and adults :p The rides are fun and cute. I got on two roller coaster rides there, one is Space Mountin and the other one is Runaway Mine Cars. Geez... This is my first time and I'm not sure there will be a next time 

Anyway, other than the rollercoasters, the park is amazing. It's like entering dream world... :) Tips from me, go there late afternoon so you can catch the fireworks at 8 PM.

Back from Disneyland, we grab a bite in Flower Street, Mongkok and find this amazing small restaurant selling BBQ. Check it out

The chasiu is AMAZING!! Yummyfuckinglicious... Tender, Sweet and Savory at the same time, fragrant and really good texture. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

One thing to watch out when ordering food in Hongkong is the chicken. The usual pek cam ke or boiled chicken usually still has blood in the bones. Resulting in a tender chicken but tastes a bit raw. YUCK... The roast duck in the other hand, again... Yummyfuckinglicious

Each portion costs around 60-70 HKD but worth every penny


  1. Nte ngartos aing mah euy, nu bahasa na, nu potret na. Ie babi? Koq kurus euy hahaha

  2. The chicken in Singapore is also similar. If you go to Chinatown and eat the boiled chicken there, expect some blood too. I don't think it's raw, but the process of cooking is just different. If they serve raw chicken, for sure Singaporean Government will confiscate their license. But I might be wrong.

  3. Abang : hahahaha lupa bang, rencana nya ini mau dicampur pake bahasa indonesia biar lebih membumi, ngarep nya jadi semacem travel guide gituuu

  4. Leony: My mom told me that the method is a bit different than here in Indonesia. The chicken is boiled for a short time to make them tender. I admit the meat is more tender but I still prefer Indonesian chicken hehehe

  5. jadi pengen jalan2 kesana. pengen banget.. :((