Monday, November 29, 2010

Shabuya (Sukiyaki)

Hey patients!!! How u doin :) Today dr. B is gonna bring u to one of my fave place in Central Park, Shabuya

I have posted a review bout their shabu-shabu menu a few months ago and I love it. Now I got the chance to try their sukiyaki menu, thanks to Goorme and Shabuya :D I'm gonna cut this short and go straight babbling bout the food, ok patients?

The food:
First the appetizers... I LOVE them all. This time I got 3 kinds of korean appetizers. Forgive me for not knowing the name, at the time I totally forgot to ask for the names and went straight to take a bite hehe

 This one is caramelized sweet potato with sesame seeds.Yummy :) Love the smooth sweetness and the fragrant sesame. A perfect appetizer to tingle your tastebuds

This kimchi is good... Well, not the best Kimchi I ever had but not bad. I don't like the messy appearance tho.. Usually kimchi is like a pile of mustard (sawi putih) cuts in small pieces, this one is like mashed mustard.

Now... This one is like japanese beef burger.Yummy!!! I think they should be careful with this dish, people might think this place sells beef burger. I like the consistency, the salty/sweet sauce, the fragrant meat. Love love love it! :)

Now move on to the main course. In shabu-shabu, we were given a plain soup to cook our meat and then dip them in ponzu (the sauce). In the ponzu, we can add daikon (raddish), finely chopped garlic, chopped scallion and chopped chili. In Sukiyaki, the soup/broth given has taste. It's a light brown water with a hint of sweetness. I like how the sweetness of the soup doesn't overpower the meat so we can enjoy the goodness of the meat. We can add those condiments above but I don't think it's gonna suit the sukiyaki soup... At first, the soup was just ok but after u cook the meat, the sukiyaki soup becomes brothy and taste really really good!!! Yum...

The meat served was angus beef, thinly sliced and served on a big plate. I don't really understand about beef grading and stuff but one thing I do know is Shabuya's meat was great. The manager told me that customers can ask about what kind of meat the prefer. We can ask if we want out meat lean or with marbling. I prefer the one with lots of fat but afraid of getting high cholesterol hehehe 

Besides beef, Shabuya also offers seafood. I don't recommend seafood with sukiyaki based soup but well, depends on how u like it. I personally don't like seafood in Sukiyaki, prefer it with ponzu :) 

They give a bowl of veggies, mushrooms and udon to accompany our meat. The veggies go well with the sukiyaki soup but the udon is not. Tastes weird.. I like my udon salty not sweet :(

For Rp. 125.000/pax all u can eat, it's a bargain!! High quality meat, great service and nice ambiance, this is a  must visit spot :)

Rating: 8/10
Location: Central Park, Jakarta


  1. bro kayanya elu kurang foto pas sukiyakinya dimasak deh hehe masa yg dikasi liat pas mentah semua, terus terang ini kira kira sama persis sama menu shabu shabu-nya :)

    satu lagi seharusnya u foto sambel ijo-nya itu enak bangetttt

  2. @ pitshu: hmm gw lupa, coba di cek di post gw tentang shabuya yang pertama :)

    @duniabiru: iya emank bener! ini emank sama persis kaya menu shabu nya cuma beda kuah nya. So stupid of me, i forgot to take a picture of the sukiyaki soup!!

  3. kalo dibanding ski-ya kira2 enak mana sukiyakinya bro?

  4. Ahhh mendadak starving with u'r postingaaan T_T . blogwalking :) kunjungan ringan di malam hari :)

  5. laper ko.. pas emang lgi laper, bc ini makin laper.. =D

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