Sunday, August 02, 2015

Noodle Diary: Part 2

Holaaaaa let's do another noodle showdown, shall we?

First Contender is Bakmi Aloi

Bakmi Aloi is a typical Palembang style noodle. The noodle is thin and slighly chewy a bit sweet. Usually, the toppings are minced pork or chicken, chasiu pork and mushrooms with some beansprouts. I don't really like this type of noodle but Aloi is an exception. :)

Located in Muwardi Street, Grogol area, my first encounter with Aloi was back in college. I remember some of the girls in my college craved for Aloi for the sake of the handsome boss LOL. The place used to be small, consists only 5 or maybe 5 tables. Now the place is HUGE and they have many branches across town.

Aside from the noodle, Aloi serves yummy side dishes. My favorite is half portion of pig kidney and blood, heavenly delicious! Add some minced pork pork for 10K, worth every penny. Last, if u a deep fried addict, order the ngo hiong (pork roll in beancurd skin) YUMMY!

Next... Bakmi Aheng Mangga Besar/Bakmi Ahau

I know it's confusing but I'll try to explain...

I found this noodle in Mangga Besar back in my intern days in Husada Hospital. A friend introduced me to this small stall/carriage at an alley near Cucu Foto in Mangga Besar. It is super dirty but always packed with customers. Apparently, a similar stall appears every night at the same Mangga Besar Street near Lokasari area under a different name, Bakmi Ahau. I'm not really sure about the different name but let's focus on the noodle :)

This noodle is thick and chewy, typical mie karet. The topping is chasiu pork with some greens. Taste is mainly sweet, a bit savory. Noodle is super oily so practice your chopsticks skills folk

The highlight of this noodle is the fried meatball. It is so different from the other meatballs i found. Rather sweet and hard but addictive... The noodle, i don't really like it but combined with the meatballs, worth trying!

That's it folks, hope u guys drool :)

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