Friday, March 21, 2008

The Glass House

The Glass House is a new bistro located in the middle of the Pluit. Offering varieties of dishes ranging from japanese to thai food, it is a perfect place for a quick lunch and business meetings.

The food:
1. Fettucine carbonara: Nothing special about this fettucine. Just like any other fettucine carbonara in some mediocre restaurant. Slightly better than Pizza Hut's (Rp. 28.000)

2. Teppanyaki Set: Nicely served and very appetizing but fails to satisfy the palate. (Rp. 38.000)

3. Mie Goreng Mamak: It's just another Mie Goreng Penang.... Apparently it's cool name doesn't improve the taste of this food. Again, mediocre... As Simon Cowell said,"Very forgetable"

4. Fried Chicken Chop: After 3 standard issued meals..... Here come the fourth... Again, another friend chicken with chips on the side. Even my mom's so called "ayam goreng tepung" taste better than this. It's delicious but...... even Mc'D can make fried chicken. So Why bother going to a bistro if you'll only gonna get fried chicken. (Rp. 32.000)

5. Pattaya Fried Rice: What is 'Pattaya' about this fried rice?!!! It should be Omu-Rice and the cook should've added salt!!!!! Again... not bad but... (Rp. 26.000)

The ambience: This is the best part, it has one of the best interior and exterior design i've ever eaten in. It's cozy, homey, sleek, minimalist but functional. There's a kind of open air section where u could have coffee or maybe wine. There is also a waiting room near the entrance and i must say.... that is the best waiting room in a restaurant ever!!

I will definitely go back there (not for the food of course) but it's a nice place to hang out and have a quick bite since it is quite cheap for a bistro that nice. Then again... price never lies.

2.5 out of 5

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  1. i've never been there but i'm interested to try it once i get back to jakarta :D