Thursday, March 27, 2008


Pancious is a pancake house. It's a brand new concept in Jakarta. This is the first resto/cafewhich specializes in pancake (that i know of). Located in Permata Hijau, this restaurant is actually in the middle of Jakarta (although it's kinda far from basecamp a.k.a Muara Karang xD)

The food:
1. Coco Pancious: a stack of 2 pancakes with hot chocolate fudge and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I choose the caramel pancake (u can choose from original, caramel and chocolate), it's yummylicious!!! The pancake is fluffy and thick, not too sweet, BIG and cooked perfectly. (Rp. 22.000)

2. Mushroom Bruschetta : 5 pieces of French bread with creamy topping and covered with melted mozzarella. i got confused, is this an appetizer or a main course (judging from the portion) anyway.... yummy! (Rp. 25.000)

3. Oreo Cheese: one pancake with crushed oreo, cheese fudge and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nice.... (Rp. 22.000)

4. Sauteed Chicken n Mushroom Pancake : The champion of the day!!!! This is the first time i've ever eaten non-sweet pancake, and i must say... YUMMYLICIOUSSS!!! Creamy and cheesy, it's like eating fettucine con funghi but u substitute pasta with pancake. (Rp. 34.000)

Ambience : Minimal design (like any other new restaurant). The service is excellent, the waiters are very responsive and have extensive knowledge bout the menu. NO SERVICE CHARGE!!!

4 out of 5

Definitely gonna come back there, maybe for a quick lunch after a super boring lecture =P


  1. glass house bistro pluit
    not recommended!!!!
    pesen 2 ice lemon tea & 1 lemon tea panas.....yg dateng 3 lemon tea anyep!!!

    4 nasi goreng kampoeng
    1 nasi goreng ikan asin
    1 sup krim jamur
    1 kwetiau
    1 nasi ayam hainan
    10 menit kemudian......
    datang 3 piring nasi goreng
    ketika ditanya ke waiter-nya.....
    "ini nasi goreng kampung atau ikan asin mas?"
    (FYI bentuknya kelihatan sama)
    waiter "hmmmmm....sebentar ya mas, saya tanyain dulu"
    (kok pelayannya ga tau menunya?)

    ga lama dia datang lagi....
    waiter " ini nasi goreng kampung mas (ngasih 2 piring) dan yg ini nasi goreng ikan asin"
    .......10 menit kemudian......
    gw"mas, pesenan lainnya belum datang lho"
    waiter " oh ya mas, biar saya cek dulu"
    .........5 menit kemudian.......
    waiter(beda sama yg tadi) " kwetiaunya mas"
    gw" ok,taro sini mas....masih ada 2 nasi goreng dan satu sup krim jamur dan 1 nasi hainam ya mas,tolong cepetan ya"
    waiter" iya mas"
    ........15 menit.....
    semua makanan yg datang lebih dulu udah abis kita makan.....tapi yg lain belum dateng.

    setelah 2 waiter gw tanyain...
    mereka baru bilang kalo sup krim jamurnya habis!!!!

    tmen gue panas..." tolong panggilin manajernya kesini ya"

    manajer datang...with all that sweet talk tapi ga memberikan solusi....akhirnya kita cabut dgn perasaan kesal dan tentu saja perasaan lapar!!!



  2. wah wah.... nyebelin banget tuh!!!

    untung pas gw dateng ga kaya gtu...